Six healthy reasons to eat more palak paneer

Six healthy reasons to eat more palak paneer

Six healthy reasons to eat more palak paneer

One of most popular and healthy vegetable dishes you would find all over India is palak paneer. It is cooked all over the south western region of Asia and is quite favourite among the children and adults too. Spinach is the great source of vitamins and cottage cheese or paneer gives the calcium and protein. Here are some of the benefits of the palak paneer dish.

Full of nutrition

The dish has vitamin A, vitamin K, magnesium, folate, potassium, calcium and so much more. Since palak paneer is full of calcium and phosphorous it plays the role in heart and muscle function. The vitamins B2 and B12 in cottage cheese help to convert the food into usable energy. Imagine a whole lot of nutrients in one dish. If you are someone who is on a vegetarian meal plan, it would be wise to add this sumptuous dish.

Ultimate weight loss food

When you are preparing your diet plan for the day, do allow you add a palak paneer to it. This dish is very low in calories, has less fat and is filling indeed. The best thing about the spinach is that you can eat it in the chunks but still consume very little calories. Our expert adds, It is a rich source of dietary fibre which helps to control your appetite. So if you are looking for a great fat-cutter and some quick tummy reduction, this dish shall benefit you a hundred percent.

Lowers the blood pressure

Since palak paneer contains spinach, it will lower the blood pressure. Here is how Spinach contains antioxidants which keep cholesterol levels low and open up those arteries in your heart that could be blocked. It also contains folate which is great for cardiovascular system. The content of magnesium in spinach shall surely help to lower the high blood pressure.

Beneficial for the pregnant women

Palak paneer is great for women who are expecting an arrival of a newborn. The spinach in dish supplies a lot of vitamin A which enhances the immune system of the mum to be and her baby as well. The folate found in spinach is essential for te development of baby’s brain and nervous system. Besides, the calcium in cottage cheese helps in overall skeletal development of the baby.

Improves the digestion

Six healthy reasons to eat more palak paneerPalak paneer is beneficial in improving the digestive system. Paneer contains protein case in which easily gets the digested by the body. Spinach helps to protect the mucous lining of the stomach and keeps digestive disorders at bay.

Full of protein

This dish can also contribute to the protein intake. Protein is essential in building the muscles and repairing body tissues. Paneer provides you with all amino acids you need making it a complete protein.

It is one of those rare foods that are full of taste and nutrition. The dish is usually enjoyed with the chapatti or naan. It is complete dish.
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