Health Risks Of Contact Lenses

Health risks of contact lenses

Health Risks Of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are cool….but wait; have you heard about the health risks of contact lenses? Well, those who prefer the contact lenses must also take the essential care in order to avoid the certain health risks.

Today, many of the people are attracting towards the usage of contact lenses particularly when it comes to vision correction. Of course, contact lenses do offer lots of convenience and they are flexible too. There are few people who wish to try them only for the fashion purposes.

Now, let us discuss about some adverse or unfavorable effects of contact lenses.


Some experts say that wearing the lenses for too long might harm your cornea in the eyes. This is one of the bad effects of contact lenses.


When you use your fingers to place the contact lenses in your eyes, if you do not wash your hands, there are high chances of infections because the bacteria from a dirty hand can get into an eye.


Research says that smokers wearing contact lenses might improve their risk of suffering from the corneal ulcers.

Dust Particles

Health risks of contact lensesWhen dust particles or pollen in the air get stuck to the contact lenses, your eyes might suffer inconvenience and this might also lead to tears.

Dry Eyes

In some of the people, the lenses might cause dry eyes. Of course, the lenses cover the eyes and they block oxygen. This might cause dry eyes.


It is desirable to remove the contacts when you jump in a pool in order to avoid contamination.

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