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Health benefits of pistachios

Health Benefits Of Pistachios

Health Benefits Of Pistachios

Nuts are well known for their nutritional value and health benefits. Among all the nuts, you may find pistachios more useful. It has surprising health benefits as it is good for almost all the body organs.

You must have the handful of pistachios every day after understanding health benefits of these yummy nuts. They are less in calories & high in fibres & this makes it good for the heart & blood vessels.

They also remove bad cholesterol from the blood which is the main culprit for the heart attack & stroke as well.

They are good for the eyes & brain as they prevent macular degeneration of eyes & are rich in vitamin b6 which improves the blood circulation of the brain.

Here, we have gathered for you some significant health benefits of pistachios.

Health benefits of pistachiosGood For Your Eyes

Pistachios are rich in the antioxidants such as zeaxanthin & lutein which remove all toxic or poisonious substances from the body and helps to prevent from cancer. Pistachios also increases the eye sight & prevents macular degeneration which is leading cause of the blindness.

For Healthy Brain

They are rich in the vitamin B6, which is very important for the brain. This vitamin prevents brain damage by improving the blood circulation to the brain. It also improves memory & concentration.

Reduces Cholesterol

It reduces the bad cholesterol levels from the blood. Therefore, preventing the risk of heart attack & stroke. Pistachios remove the plaque deposition from the blood vessels & make them elastic therfore. Reducing high blood pressure too.

Keeps You Young

Pistachios hold-up ageing & keeps you young. The antioxidants present in pistachios prevent and hold-up ageing by removing free radicals from the body.

Provide Energy

Pistachios are an energy packed snack. They keep you mentally & physically active by providing you with all necessary nutrients. They are also rich in fibers & necessary fatty acids.

Prevents Diabetes

Pistachios are rich in the phosphorus which helps to break down proteins into an amino acids. These amino acids are much required for the production of insulin & therefore, prevents diabetes.

Improves the Blood Circulation

They improve the blood circulation and therefore, help in proper distribution of oxygen all over the body. This prevents organ damage as all nutrients are transported to the body cells. Pistachios also improves the blood count.

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