Hair Spa With Olive Oil

Hair spa with olive oil

We are all faced with perennial issues of frizzy, dry hair. The boiling rays of sun & lack of humidity during the respective summer & winter seasons are mainly responsible for this situation. With their hair crying out for help, most of the people hit salons looking for latest & hopefully, the best of a deep-moisturizing treatment.

Although, it might not be wise to shell out so much when the answer to the problems sits right on the kitchen shelf. Olive oil- the popular essential oil- is suitable for the adding luster to the otherwise dull hair. A hair spa with olive oil is a perfect start towards making the hair feel lively again.

As far as beauty applications & treatment of the hair & skin are concerned, olive oil represents a gargantuan powerhouse. Enhanced with moisturizing properties, this natural extract is ideal for use on the uncontrollable hair. When many would usually connect olive oil with cooking, having the bottle of the same packed away in the bathroom would allow you to enjoy an olive oil hair spa for the shinier, healthier, & stronger look.

Be it as the hair finishing product, for hot oil treatment, or as the regular conditioner, hair oil spa with the olive oil is sure to make you proud of its many benefits.

Hair spa with olive oilIt Helps to Reduce the Dandruff:

A mixture of the olive oil & lemon juice is a great treatment for problematic dandruff. A result of the dry, peeling skin, the acid content in lemon allows dandruff to loosen when the new exfoliated skin layer gets moisturized by the olive oil.

Manage Your Split Ends:

During the dry winter months, the hair is more prone to the breakage, frizzy flyaway’s, & splitting which gives a messy, disheveled look to the otherwise sleek haircut. An olive oil hair spa would help you in taking care of these problems by adding some much desirable moisture & weight to the hair for a quick fix.

Makes the Hair Extra Soft:

Do you have frizzy curls & brittle ends that feel like steel wool? A hair spa with the olive oil might just be the answer to the troubles, & give you a softer, more flexible hair. Hair conditioners typically have unwanted silicone ingredients which give a false feeling of the softness. Olive oil used in the natural, deep conditioning treatment restores & helps maintain the natural softness.

While a forty-five minute period is enough for the olive oil to take effect, widely dry and damaged hair will require more time before there are visible signs of changes. You may be required to leave the oil on for as long as a couple of hours or even overnight before your olive oil hair spa produces the desired effect.

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