Hair Facts and Myths

Hair Facts and Myths
Hair Facts and Myths

Myths about hair are plenty floating around thus misleading a person in ensuring proper hair care. It is important to be aware of hair facts. Hair growth can get affected by myths.

There are several facts and myths about hair that need to be clarified of course. After all, hair texture and style are very important for looks and people like to look attractive. They are willing to spend time and money on having a nice set of hair.

It may be often heard that it is necessary to separate fact from fiction to get the luxurious locks that a person usually dreams to have.

What sort of hair facts and myths about hair?

Fact: Similar to shampoo it is difficult to make one’s hair grow faster, as shampooing will not cause one’s hair to fall out. Cleansing is necessary to keep the hair healthy.

Myth: Brushing one’s hair frequently makes it look healthier

Fact: This is possible to damage one’s hair. Brushing does pull out hair that is not ready to fall out and does often break healthy hairs. Brush gently if preferring styling only and not to stimulate the scalp.

Myth: Trimming one’s hair regularly makes it grow faster

Fact: Hair growth does occur at the scalp. The frequency of trims has nothing to do with how fast (or slow) one’s hair will sprout. Regular trims tend to prevent split ends and also breakage.

Myth: If you pluck one grey hair, it will result in multiple grey hairs sprouting from the scalp

Fact: Hair color is on account of melanin in one’s hair follicle. So, hair turns grey or white when cells sort of stop producing melanin pigment. Hence, plucking the grey hair will not increase their number.

Myth: Shaving one’s hair will make it grow back thicker

Fact: Hair does grow from healthy follicles in one’s scalp. Shaving one’s head has no way of increasing the number of or improving the quality of healthy hair follicles on one’s scalp. It will not create thicker hair either.

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Myth: Black hair is stronger than blonde hair

This is a widespread belief, particularly so among African Americans, that black hair is one of the most fragile. Nor is it true that braiding as well as beading the hair makes it grow more quickly. Tight braids and beads can damage the hair.

Hair Facts and Myths
Hair Facts and Myths

Other facts

  • Clipping as well as shaving do encourage hair growth. (Truth: Cutting does not affect the rate as well as thickness of growth.)
  • Ointments as well as oils can indeed make hair grow more quickly. (Truth: These treatments only lubricate one’s hair shaft.)
  • Hair indeed grows after death. (Truth: The flesh as well as skin contract, thus causing hair to protrude slightly more.)
  • Brushing one’s hair 100 strokes a day is good for healthy hair. (Myth)
  • Stress turns the hair gray. (Myth)
  • Regular trims may not affect how fast or how much the hair grows, there is no denying that they do help with one’s overall hair appearance as they do help get rid of split ends, which can often make the hair look thin or sparse at the bottom.       

Myths often become true as people start believing in them. It is often said that avoid using conditioner if having oily hair or even cut the hair frequently for it to grow faster than usual. These myths need to be eroded to ensure lustrous hair. These myths have been around long and tend to become scientific facts. Such myths deter a person from maintaining hair well. Myths about hair can confuse clients.

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