Great Tips to Get Rid of Sun Tan


Summers’ already here, and we all know that with soaring temperatures there comes an annoying sun tan leading to uneven skin tone. You are not even out in the sun for a good 15 minutes and you are already tanned! I know how annoying and painful unwanted tan is and so let me share some of the things I know which can protect you from severe sun tanning tips. Know about Tips to Get Rid of Sun Tan

Sun Tanning tips

Tan formed over the years will take long time to fade away but one can get rid of fresh suntan and also avoid tanning to good extent by following these great tips to get rid of sun tan.Great Tips to Get Rid of Sun Tan

The Following are the Great Tips to Get Rid of Sun Tan

Wear Sunscreen Every Time you Step out

  • Before you actually start to work on your tan, you should make sure that you are taking measure to put a break to the tanning process by wearing a sunblock.
  • Using a sunscreen everyday prevents your tan from becoming darker and also prevents sun damage to the skin.
  • Use a sunscreen with an SPF 30, half hour before you step out into the sun for effective protection.

Screen Yourself From the Sun

  • If wearing sunscreen is the first step, covering your skin is the second step to prevent sun tanning and also sun damage.
  • Wear light and full sleeve breathable clothes, preferably made of cotton. Also wear scarves or hats to shade and protect your face from the sun.

Exfoliate to Fade the Tan

  • Exfoliating timely also helps to fade sun tan by removing the top layers of dead skin cells.
  • Exfoliate weekly once using a body scrub, gently with circular motions. Use a gentle exfoliator for the face.

Keep Yourself Hydrated & Eat Veggies and Fruits

  • Hydration is an important thing which helps skin to increase cell turnover and rejuvenate which inturn helps in fading the sun tan quickly
  • Drink plenty of water and include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Fruit rich moisturizers have natural fruit acids which can aid in tan removal

Use Skin Lightening Products

  • Skin lightening products helps to reduce the suntan by reducing the amount of melanin pigment in the skin.
  • Look for creams having steroids or retinoic acid as active ingredient for effective results.
  • Contact your doctor before using these products and also do a patch test.

Home remedies to get rid of tan

  • To remove tan, mix 2 teaspoons of gram powder, juice of half a lemon, a pinch of turmeric powder and a spoon of milk, to make a paste. Apply it all over the face and neck and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. Do this every alternate day for best results.
  • Diluted Lemon juice can be used directly over the skin of hands and feet to remove sun tanning
  • To lighten the tan from your feet, squeeze 3 lemons in lukewarm water and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. Always moisturize your skin after using lemon as it dries out the skin.
  • Rubbing coconut water/Aloe Vera/tomatoes/cucumbers or raw potato juice directly over tanned or patchy areas also helps to lighten the skin tone.
  • Make a paste of crushed brown sugar, olive oil for dry hair and a spoon of lime juice and apply it all over the skin. This mixture exfoliates, lightens the skin tone and also moisturizes at the same time.

Follow these home remedies and great tips to get rid of sun tan to sport the flawless look wherever you go!

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