Gohyah Tea Benefits

Gohyah Tea Benefits

Gohyah tea benefits are the reason why people consume it and gohyah is known for this. The health benefits are many and consuming it as tea is good for overall health.

Gohyah, sometimes spelled “goya” and also called bitter melon, has health-boosting properties that could help prevent chronic diseases. It is eaten as a food in Asia, and Gohyah tea has been used traditionally as a natural medicine for diabetes, cancer, and infections.

Gohyah is also referred to as butter gourd. It happens to be a vegetable that has indeed lots of health benefits. It is possible to prepare tea with Gohyah and thus enjoy its tremendous health benefits. Goyah tea benefits are manifold. Gohyah is good for health.

Helps Prevent Obesity and Related Diseases

A study published in 2010 in “BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine,” says gohyah does break down fatty acids as well as triglycerides so that one’s body metabolizes them rather than storing them as fat cells. The study also says that Gohyah can rather potentially help in a person’s weight-loss efforts. Also, a study published in the “Cardiovascular Journal of South Africa” in 2006 did find that Gohyah lowers glucose levels and also blood pressure in type-2 diabetes patients

Regular gohyah tea consumption can prevent type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Goyah tea is useful in this context as well.

Controls high blood sugar

Drinking Gohyah tea is indeed good for controlling high blood sugar and also for moderating insulin resistance. This way it does help in preventing diabetes. People with type II diabetes are rather asked to drink this tea regularly as this does reduce the abnormally high levels of blood sugar in such patients. Bitter gourd does contain plant insulin named polypeptide-P, which indeed can lower blood sugar. A compound known as carantin is present in this tea. This can rather boost glucose uptake. Therefore, gohyah tea is an alternative diabetes treatment.

Yet, those suffering from low blood sugar or hypoglycemia are warned not to consume this herbal tea. Whenever a person intends to change medical treatment, it is important that a person consults the doctor and take his advice. Goyah tea is not a stand-alone treatment choice for diabetes.


Drinking gohyah tea is considered to be good for treating constipation as well as diarrhea as well.

Gohyah Tea Benefits

Fights cancer

Goyah tea is useful for protecting a person from various known as well as unknown health risks. Being rich in poly nutrients, it can no doubt neutralize the harmful oxidative damage to one’s cells. These powerful antioxidants do have the power to turn potential cancer-causing cells into normal cells.

Prevents obesity

Consuming the herbal supplement does aid in the prevention of the storage of fat cells in one’s body. Gohyah tea is also very good for preventing the storage of fat cells in a person’s body. This occurs by breaking down the triglycerides and also fatty acids so that they are metabolized instead of being stored. This also helps in preventing obesity and lower blood pressure.

Slows down aging

Gohyah tea is indeed rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin is beneficial for providing healthy as well as beautiful skin. Vitamin C does vitalize the skin tissues by flushing out the toxins that are harmful to one’s skin and also building up new cells. Vitamin C can heal wounds, and therefore consuming gohyah tea is good for improving imperfections. This vitamin is also a good antioxidant

Treats infections

Gohyah tea is good for treating minor infections on account of its antimicrobial properties. It is useful to treat cough, high fever and also naturally infected wounds.

Vision health

Vitamin A is present in this tea and therefore gohyah tea improves vision health. Vitamin A is of course an antioxidant that helps in preventing macular degeneration. It also does slow down the development of cataracts.


It is quite evident judging by a study published in 2005 in “Phytotherapy Research” that boiled gohyah is known for its antioxidant properties as compared to raw gohyah, so consuming gohyah as tea is more beneficial.

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