Get rid of ear pain in 15 minutes

Get rid of ear pain in 15 minutes

Get rid of ear pain in 15 minutes

Ever surprised why the back of the throat hurts as you are experiencing ear pain? This uneasiness is because the Eustachian tube, that runs from the middle of the ear to the throat, gets blocked due to liquid build-up. This fluid, even if not contaminated, exerts pressure on the eardrum causing pain. Most frequently, it is an ear infection, but there are many other reasons like cold, sinus infections, etc. that could be the cause. As a doctor can give you the best diagnosis for the condition like this, there are a few home remedies you can try for some quick relief. One such remedy is garlic oil.

Oil is known to soothe the ears as it acts like an oil, as garlic is known to have the anti-inflammatory and palliative properties. This combo eases you from or gets rid of ear pain in 15 minutes.

How to make the garlic oil?

Get rid of ear pain in 15 minutesHeat the tablespoon of sesame or mustard oil with 4-5 crushed cloves of the garlic. Stop heating when the garlic turns the dark brown. Leave it to cool until the lukewarm. If you can not grasp sesame or mustard oil, you can use the coconut oil.

Put 2-3 drops of this oil in an infected ear with the help of cotton.

Otherwise, you can use the juice of crushed garlic as ear drops to soothe the ear pain.

Note: This is only the home remedy and may not be useful in some of the cases. It is very important that you consult the doctor and get the condition treated at the earliest.

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