Causes of Headache During Midnight

Causes of Headache During Midnight

Causes of Headache During Midnight

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There are a variety of types of headaches. Some occur during the mornings whereas some others occur during the midnight. If you have ever suffered the headache that wakes you up midnight from bottomless sleep, it is very important to consult the doctor.

For ex., there is a type of headache called as hypnic-headache. It always hits you hard when you are sleeping. This type of the headache is usually seen in people who are above the age of 50.

Normally, it occurs during midnight around 1 to 3 am. Unexpectedly, a thumping sensation in the head is experienced either on one side or both sides. It might lessen on its own within the few minutes or might continue for hours together.

It could be very difficult to sleep when you experience this headache. Only a doctor can detect whether you are suffering from this kind of a headache.

Sometimes, other types of headaches also can wake up during midnight. This is why it is better to get the issue diagnosed by a health practitioner.

If you are experiencing the headache in the midnight, go through the following facts & consult a doctor directly. Have a look at few Causes of Headache During Midnight.

General Factors

Stress can cause the headache. Too much of time spent in front of computer can also persuade a headache. Low blood sugar levels can result in the headache & even migraines can also occur all of a sudden without warning. So, proper diagnosis is very important to reach a conclusion.


Even genetic factors can also contribute to migraines. You might experience a sharp pain on a particular side of the head. Some types of headaches cause pain around the eyes. Overall, they too can disturb the sleep.

Sinus Headache

In most of the cases, a sinus headache is normally said to affect the person during morning after the person wakes up. It is better to use an air-purifier at home if you are suffering from the sinus headache.


A severe headache during the night can also mean that you are smoking or drinking too much. Drug mistreatment can be another reason.

Causes of Headache During MidnightHealth Conditions

Certain health problems like brain tumour, sleep-apnea, low blood-sugar or even internal bleeding can cause the sudden and awful pain.

Hypnic Headaches

As said earlier, they come with clockwork accuracy, waking you up after you have slept happily. The reason behind this phenomena is not yet discovered but sometimes you might feel disgusted when you experience this headache.

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