Foods For A Better Sleep

Foods For A Better Sleep

Foods For A Better Sleep

Sleep during night is very important for your well being. Sleeplessness might cause weight gain, anxiety, tiredness, lack of concentration, weak hair, dull skin, dark circles, decreased function of body organs such as kidney and liver.

Take a look at some foods that will help you to promote the sleep. You will also get a better and sound sleep with these foods. Below discussed about Foods For A Better Sleep.


The glass of milk that your mom gives you at bedtime has some logic behind. Milk helps you to fall asleep and also prevents sleep trouble. Milk contains an amino acid tryptophan, which helps in the production of serotonin in the brain. This is a happy chemical and makes you to relax and sleep well.


They give slow and continued release of energy and are rich in the melatonin, the sleeping hormone.  After having oats your body and mind relaxes and you feel sleepy.


Almonds are rich in the tryptophan and they also contain magnesium. They relax the brain and muscles respectively. Handful of almonds at bedtime is enough to doze you off.


Have a tablespoon of honey at bedtime for the sound sleep. Honey gives a quick supply of glucose to your brain thus causing it to relax.

Whole Grain Bread

 Foods For A Better SleepIt is rich in good and complex carbohydrates. They increase your blood glucose slowly and give a sustained release of energy. Having these complex carbohydrates will help you to sleep well. While fast carbohydrates such as candy, white bread and soda drink cause a sharp increase in blood sugar. They will keep you alert as they boost you with high energy levels.


Bananas are rich in the magnesium and potassium which will relax the muscles. They also contain carbohydrates which help you to sleep. Potassium is also good for the heart health and memory.

Sweet Potatoes

 Sweet potatoes also persuade sleep as they contain carbohydrates and potassium that will relax your body. You can have parched sweet potatoes as a good bedtime snack to fall asleep.

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