Five ways steam works wonders for beauty

Five ways steam works wonders for beauty

When water is boiled for few minutes, it turns into the vapour or steam. These fumes are an extremely beneficial for the beauty and are frequently used in salons for the hair and skin treatments. Read about Five ways steam works wonders for beauty.

How to steam your face

Five ways steam works wonders for beauty

The good thing is, Can make use of steam right at home & give yourself mini beauty makeover in an inexpensive way. Here is how steam benefits the hair and skin.

Reduces blackheads and whiteheads

If you have got clean up done anytime, you would be familiar with the process where steam is given on the face and then blackheads and whiteheads are extracted from the skin. This is because steam helps to open the pores which makes it easier to extract them and prevent new ones from forming on the skin. it loosens the blackheads & whiteheads.

How to use:

  • Wash the face with cleanser and then boil water in the steamer. Once the fumes start coming out, cover the head with towel and let the steam come on the face.
  • Keep moving the face from one side to the other so that it does not feel too hot. Do this for 2 minutes till we can bear the heat.
  • Now looking into the mirror, and using tweezer, gently extract the white and blackheads. You can apply bit of pressure to squeeze them out but do not be harsh as it can damage the skin.
  • Once you have done this, wipe the face and take cold splash to close the pores.

Keeps the skin glowing

Facial steaming can help to give the glowing skin. It helps to remove dead skin cells that get collected and give the skin dull look. These dead cells also give rise to the bacterial growth which can lead to problems like acne. Once this layer is taken off, the skin looks more radiant.

How to use:

  • Use steamer to get some steam on the face for few minutes.
  • Next, wipe off the face with clean towel and wash the face as well.
  • Apply sunscreen.

Prevents acne

Pimples are common occurrence during the teenage years and many suffer from it later too. But steam can help to control this beauty problem. Acne is usually caused when the pores are clogged with dirt and sebum. When you take steam on the face, you unblock these pores and the dirt and oil are get rid of which prevent the formation of pimples.

How to use:

  • Take steam on the face the same way as explained above.
  • Once the pores are opened, use clean tissue to wipe off the dirt and sebum. Do not pop an existing pimple but clean the area surrounding it.
  • You can squeeze the skin to clean better.
  • After wiping it off, Rinse face with cold water and pat dry.
  • For better results, apply a pack of multani mitti or fuller’s earth on your face.

Prevents the skin ageing

The skin begins to age once you enter the 30s. It does not repair itself that easily and the blood circulation also reduces. Steaming can help improve the blood circulation by dilating these blood vessels in response to the heat which results in better blood flow. Also, the skin perspires which helps to release toxins from it and prevents the moisture from escaping. This makes the skin look more supple and young.

How to use:

  • Take steam on the face as explained above.
  • Massage the face in circular motions to increase the blood flow.
  • Wash the face with cold water.

Nourishes the hair

The hair and scalp also benefit an immensely when use steam. Even when go for hair spa, they use steam for the same purpose. It opens the cuticles which help in better penetration of any hair pack and also enhances the blood circulation.

How to use:

Since most salons have head steamers, they make to sit under it so that steam is directly transferred to the scalp. At home, you can use towel.

  • Boil water in the pot and place towel on it. After few minutes, take the towel and wrap it around the head.
  • Do this multiple times till you feel the need. Once the scalp and hair are slightly wet, apply a hair pack and cover the head with a shower cap.
  • After 30 minutes wash the hair with mild shampoo.


If you have access to the steam room, you can gather in its benefits for the entire body. Sitting for few minutes in this room will help an eliminate toxins and better the blood circulation. After the steam session, make sure to take shower and moisturise the skin.

Even though steaming is beneficial, it should not be done too frequently. Stick to once per month or twice per month if you have very oily skin. Also, if you have skin disorder such as rosacea or extremely sensitive skin, you may want to consult the skin specialist before you do facial steaming.

Five ways steam works wonders for beauty

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