Fallacies about Low Fat Diets

Fallacies about Low Fat Diets

In groceries and supermarkets, we see lots of foods that claim to be low in fat. Little do we realize that by indulging in these low fat foods, we tend to accumulate unnecessary fats. Many low fat foods are in fact unhealthy in other ways because of the presence of salt and sugar. You must aware of Fallacies about Low Fat Diets

Fat modified foods such as cakes, yogurts, muffins and biscuits are all labeled lowfat but in reality contain significant amount of sugar and fat. Thus, while you may be consuming less fat, you are not avoiding calories, precisely because low fat does not mean low calorie.

There are a lot of reasons why low fat diets are not proven to be helpful in losing weight. One reason is that low fat indulgences can still be high in sugar intake. If you assume that preferring low fat foods will not make you fat, you will have the tendency to consume these foods in bigger portions and may get fat. Even if you eat many low fat foods, if you do not exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, all your efforts will be put to waste. Low fat foods are in reality low in fiber and you need fiber for your daily energy and optimum health.

Fallacies about Low Fat Diets

Of all low fat foods, it is the processed low fat foods that you need to be most careful about since they are unhealthy in other aspects. It is highly advised that we read the nutrition labels of processed foods and products before consuming them.

As alternative, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice, foods with good fats such as fish, avocados and nuts and those with quality carbohydrates like pasta and beans.

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