Expensive clothing brands in the world

Expensive clothing brands in the world

If you have the taste for fashionable clothes, you wouldn’t mind spending your bucks for it. Well, several brand-crazy people all over the world nurture a fascination for expensive clothes. These are stylish and the brand image adds a substantial weight to their character. If you are one of them, you would like to know the most expensive brands of the world, and get them to adorn your wardrobe. Here are ten such brands that offer their clothes at the highest prices. Read more about Expensive clothing brands in the world


The overall quality of clothes from this Italian brand justifies the prices. This brand makes clothes for both men and women and probably offers the highest-priced clothes. Apart from clothes, they make other dressing accessories as well. The clothes are luxurious and elegant, and this makes it popular all over the world.


Prada is another dynamic Italian brand that has changed the dressing habits of people, especially the young generation. They offer unique dresses, untraditional in nature. Obviously, the prices are high, but the brand has tremendous popularity among the youths. The designs are made to add comfort and simplicity simultaneously.


This is a popular brand for the celebrities and super-rich. Although it is comparatively new in the market than the others, it is gaining recurring popularity all over the world. The clothes are elegant and stylish. Coupled with an individual dressing persona, the brand enjoys a widespread fame for coming up with new dressing styles.

Dolce and Gabbana

This brand brings a wide array of fashionable clothes to the customers. Featured by its individuality, the prices are high and they manufacture clothes both for women and men. In 2013, it was named the most expensive brand in the world.

Mark Jacobs

The variations of clothes offered by this brand will simply blow your mind. These are luxurious attires, stylish in nature and adds weight to your personality. This is an old brand in the fashion industry, now focussing on other dressing accessories as well.

Expensive clothing brands in the worldDios

If you are passionate about sophisticated clothes, you can opt for this brand. The clothes they offer a glamourous and modern appeal. They are noted for the fabric clothes, perfumes and sunglasses. The price range is suitable for the high sections of the society and their customers enjoy the elegance of their brand image.


Armani is an expensive brand, but has enormous brand loyalty all over the globe. Its clothes are stylish and fashionable. The T-shirts and jeans manufactured by the brand are popular all over the world. Apart from clothes, they also produce perfumes and other dressing accessories.


Another Italian brand associated with trendy clothes, Versace is famous all over the world. It is among the first choice of the rich and elegant. It is known for its specialization in designing seasonal clothes. It is presently producing a wide range of other dressing accessories, apart from clothes for both men and women.


Guess is one of the names associated with prestigious clothing. The American brand is popular all over the world and is noted for the denim designs that they make. For youngsters, the T-shirts and jeans are highly surprising and noted for their changing trends.


Valentino is known for its creativity in the fashion domain. It is a globally celebrated brand, designing clothes, especially for the women. If you have an attraction towards bold evening clothes, you can try out their products. They have refined the taste of luxury fashion attires over the years.

With this, we conclude the list of the most expensive clothing brands. Clothing is a personal preference, and you can customize them according to your taste. These brands offer the best blends of looks, style and sophistication.


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