Eight home remedies for peptic ulcer

Eight home remedies for the peptic ulcers

Ulcers are open sores that may erupt on any of the organ or tissue of body but and are usually found along the linings of the duodenum, stomach, and esophagus. Ulcers that explode on the stomach or duodenum are called peptic ulcers. Below explained about home remedies for peptic ulcer.

home remedies for peptic ulcer

Even though a ulcers are not life threatening, but they can be really painful and even cause the permanent damage to the body. Apart from the medication that might have to take to treat a ulcers, Try these home remedies that have amazing the ulcer healing properties.


Bananas encourage the cell growth in intestinal tract, which ultimately heals an ulcers. They improves mucus secretion in the digestive tract and then prevents peptic ulcers or other infections related to a digestive system.


Cut few bananas into thin slices and dry them under the sun. Grind the dried slices to make a fine powder. Now mix this power with some honey and consume the mixture 3 times a day to heal the peptic ulcers.

Eight home remedies for the peptic ulcersHoney:

Honey has been used for several healing purposes over the many years. Its property to treat the peptic ulcers is primarily attributed to presence of glucose oxidase, an enzyme that enhances the production of hydrogen peroxide & ultimately kills all harmful bacteria causing the peptic ulcers.


Consume 2 tbsp of honey per day. When you start seeing the improvemnt, reduce the amount to 1 tbsp daily.


Cabbage is an another healthy food that can be used to treat the peptic ulcers. According to the study, cabbage juice might effectively treat ulcers, over 92% of the times. Its effectiveness of healing the peptic ulcers is so remarkable that experts also refer to it as Vitamin U. Consumption of cabbage improves the level of vitamin C, which usually tends to be very low in gastric juices of patients with the peptic ulcers.

Vitamin E rich foods:

Foods, rich in vitamin E including pumpkin, squash, olive oil, spinach, fish, and tofu have the ability to heal the ulcers quickly.

Eat fibre rich foods:

Those suffering from chronic peptic ulcers should make it point to eat enough fibre rich foods like leafy vegetables & citrus fruits every day. Processed products such as white flour will remove the body of protein and fibre, enhances stomach acid production.

Avoid alcohol:

It is shrewd to drink less alcohol if you are suffering from the peptic ulcers. Alcohol being dehydrating agent, causes cell death & delays the healing process of ulcers. It is also one of the causes of the peptic ulcers in a healthy individuals.

Eliminate stress:

Studies have linked increased level of stress hormones to the peptic ulcer development and poor healing of an ulcers. Therefore, reducing stress by practising yoga or meditating regularly can help to stay away from the peptic ulcers.

Eight home remedies for the peptic ulcers

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