Effects Of Caffeine In Children

Effects of caffeine in children

Parents must be aware of the effects of caffeine in children. Most of us would consider coffee as harmless and that is why we do not try to stop kids from drinking it. Not only coffee; many soft drinks and beverages contain caffeine and in today’s world, children are enjoying such beverages on a regular basis.

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Guide For Parents It is better to keep the consumption of caffeine to a minimum at least till kid grows up into an adult who can decide for himself. As caffeine is manure it can get addictive. As caffeine has some side effects, it can harm your kid’s health in many ways. Now, let us discuss the effects of caffeine in children.

A drug that affects children and adults too, caffeine is usually produced in the leaves & seeds of plants. Caffeine is also made artificially & combined with specific foods. Caffeine is described as a drug as it spurs the central nervous system. At lower levels, it can do people feel more sharp and energetic.

Effects Of Caffeine In Children

In both children and adults, taking more caffeine can affect:

  • nervousness & jitteriness
  • upset stomach
  • trouble sleeping
  • increased heart rate
  • headaches
  • difficulty concentrating
  • enhanced blood pressure

Especially in young kids, it does not take a much of caffeine to produce these effects.


Children who enjoy beverages that contain caffeine be inclined to suffer vitamin and mineral deficiencies. As these beverages do not supply any nutrients but they provide empty calories, parents should focus on feeding their children with a balanced diet. See that your kids do not fill their bellies with beverages leaving any place for nutritious foods.


 It is a fact that sugary drinks harm teeth. Cavities and other problems are caused mainly by acidic beverages.


Kids who consume soft drinks that contain caffeine tend to suffer obesity. As a parent, it is better to regulate caffeine for kids’ sake.


Effects of caffeine in childrenExcess caffeine can also cause jitteriness in children. Your kids might feel restless till caffeine effects wear out.


Do you know that kids can suffer stomach problems due to caffeine? Well, an upset stomach might even get in the way with their academics.

Sleep disorders

What does caffeine do to kids? Well, apart from causing health issues, it can also disturb the natural sleep patterns of children. Ensure that your kids consume caffeine moderately.

A headache

Caffeine causes headaches and it might turn into an addiction too. Kids must get used to drinking milk and should avoid coffee.


 In summer, say no to coffee and let your children drink a fruit juice instead of a caffeinated drink. Children may suffer dehydration when there is too much of caffeine in their system.

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