Effective health benefits of Guanabana Fruit

health benefits of Guanabana Fruit

Guanabana is also called as Soursop is the fruit that has many benefits for our health if incorporated into your diet. By the addition of this fruit in the diet, like the dessert or health sequel, a number of diseases can be healed. Nature is the greatest physician as it gives medicines without any side effects. One such alleged natural “medicine” has identified as Soursop, that is scientifically named as Annona Muricata. Read about Effective health benefits of Guanabana Fruit

Recognized by various names such as guanabana, Brazilian pawpaw, Graviola, etc. Soursop has fully packed with the number of nutrients and has also used as an option medicine to treat various diseases. According to study, soursop & cancer cure has related & this tropical, prickly fruit can prove to be helpful in regulating the spread of cancer. Not simply the fruit but including the seeds, bark, leaves, & roots of the plant, assist in the relieving many a malady.

Guanabana fruit is also called Graviola or soursop, is the resident of most tropical regions in the world. The guanabana fruit is almost associated with sugar apple, pawpaw, & custard apple. Eating of this particular fruit is told to give several health benefits. Below are few examples of benefits linked to daily guanabana eating.

1. Anti-bacterial properties

Guanabana fruit is believed to have powerful antifungal & antibacterial properties. It has, hence, helpful in preventing infections induced by bacteria & viruses in our body. Actually, a mix made of immature guanabana fruits has used in several areas like a treatment for dysentery. Daily guanabana fruit consumption may further serve to kill intestinal parasites & worms.

2. Treatment of Cancer

In herbal medication, guanabana fruit eating is said to have the advantage of controlling the growth of cancer cell. Although further research has still required about cancer & guanabana fruit, researchers thought that this fruit is very important. The chemicals being in guanabana fruit particularly target cancer cells & separate them from the patient’s body.

health benefits of Guanabana Fruit3. High carbohydrate content

Guanabana fruits are the excellent source carbohydrate content, especially fructose. Other than carbohydrates, Guanabana fruits also possess several beneficial nutrients like calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C and dietary fiber between others. The high carbohydrate value found in this fruit boosts energy & lowers cholesterol in your body.

4. Sedative effects

The acute sedative effects of this guanabana fruit make it efficient in regulating blood pressure in people with hypertension. It further calms erratic heartbeats, preventing mild strokes & heart attacks. People amidst sleeping difficulties like insomnia has advised having guanabana fruits to treat their ailments and improve their sleep cycles. An extra benefit of eating guanabana is that it decreases convulsions & spasms.

Possible side effects associated with guanabana consumption involve vomiting & nausea, especially following the consumption of high doses.

5. Back Pain Treatment :

Back pain is usually experienced these days, especially while exercising. Applying chemical drugs for back pain may cause side effects. guanabana leaves are an efficient herbal remedy for healing back pain without any adverse effect. You can boil twenty pieces of soursop leaves in five cups of water until only three cups of water are left. Sip a ¾ cup of this concoction once per day for release.

6. Uric Acid Treatment :

Having soursop leaves can hugely assist in treating gout. In fact, various alternative medicines practice soursop leaves for the gout treatment. For this purpose, take six to ten soursop leaves that are old but still green & rinse them clean. Boil the leaves in two cups of water & simmer till one cup of water reside. This concoction should take two times a day i.e. morning & evening for best benefits.


  1. Yup! This amazing fruit is used for many treatments, I hope in the future there will be more concrete evidence of its use. I love it just for its amazing soury taste which makes all the difference when you add it into homemade ice cream, smoothie, sherbet and any type of cake you can make 🙂 Keep it up I really like your post Jaya! 🙂

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