Daily Activities That Can Damage Your Spine

Daily Activities That Can Damage Your Spine

You feel that the evil that flows on your spine and that radiates on your back? You have to wonder how you got it. After all, you have not raised heaviness these days, have not done crazy dance moves in front of the mirror and do not even try to show your incredible skills to sports! Then how did this terrible pain come about?

It happened because you did your daily tasks well! Blinking on what you just read in the confusion? Nevertheless, it is true. The way you do every day can damage your spine. What are these activities and how can you repair them? We have answers to all your questions!

1. The way you brush your teeth

Folding the pelvis while brushing your teeth is terribly wrong. When you are on your feet, the pressure applied to your spine automatically becomes higher than that shown when you walk. If you step on it, this pressure increases. You have to reduce this pressure, especially if you have to stand for a day.

The right way to do it: while brushing your teeth, make sure you stand upright. Place a hand on the wall to learn if you owe the other hand free.

2. How you wash dishes

It is a great place to stay. We had a great time. This position can damage the intervertebral discs of your spine, located in the chest section, and therefore, cause pain in the area between your shoulder blades.

The right way to do this is to place a stool or chair at the knee below your left knee while washing the dishes. This will greatly reduce the pressure on your spine.

3. The way you change the wheel of your car

Partially squatting as if you were sitting on a creative chair, this is not the ideal position to be while you change the tire of your car. Such a position can give rise to a bad case of back pain during the day.

The right way to do this: when you change the wheel of your car, do not go into the semi-squatting position. Sit on your knees on the floor next to the wheel so that you are tied with the wing of your car.

Daily Activities That Can Damage Your Spine4. The way you carry shopping bags

Yes, shopping bags can cost you five dollars more, but that does not mean that you ask the cashier to do everything in one bag. Walking with a bag in one of your hands can dramatically distort the lower part of your spine. It will be smarter to spend those extra five dollars and get another bag.

The right way to do it: if your shopping bag is heavy (more than 2 kg for women and 5 kg for men), you should lift it with your knees bent. Also, make sure that you carry heavy bags in both hands so that the weight is distributed.

5. The way you sweep the floor

Sweeping your floor with your back stretched forward is a non-non-absolute when it comes to your spine. Your legs would be tense, and that would be your back and arms – all this is not right for you.

The right way to do it: push the floor cloth down if you sweep your floor and get a mop with a big grip instead. Ideally, you should be standing while cleaning the floor.

6. The way you tie your cords

It can not be stressed enough to bend in a standing position is a very false and detrimental position for your intervertebral discs. The stress caused by such a position makes it fly the spine of the nutritional elements, resulting in a flattening of your spine. This can give rise to many aches and pains.

The right way to do it: if you have to tie your laces, you should do so by feeling on a large chair or stool. Pull your leg and tie the lace, repeating the movement with the other leg.

7. How you wear your backpack

Wearing your backpack on a shoulder may seem cool in movies, but it’s not cool for your spine.

The right way to do it: your backpack has two straps, and you should slip on each strap on each shoulder. Also, make sure to use backpacks with flexible, wide and sturdy straps that add more support.

8. The way you get heavy objects from a height

Stretching your arms and backing up to get a heavy object down a height can gradually stretch and deplete your spine.

The right way to do it: Place a stool or chair on the floor and climb on it to reach the height where the object is placed. It should be on the same level as your chest.

Make these daily activities the right way to save your spine from a lot of discomforts, pain, & pain in the future. Therefore, make sure to follow the methods listed above.

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