How Chinese Herbs Help To Prevent Hair Loss

How Chinese Herbs Help To Prevent Hair Loss

Losing hair is definitely frustrating. Whether it is severe hair loss, slimming hair, alopecia, bald spots, baldness or any other similar problem, all have equal levels of stress, which allows us to lose even more hair independently of the kind. Since there are a variety of reasons behind hair loss, it is quite difficult to restore the locks naturally with a single remedy. Read more about How Chinese Herbs Help To Prevent Hair Loss

We continue to try a host of self-proclaimed “highly effective” remedies with no desired results and end up being depressed. Chinese herbs can be a great alternative in situations such that they have been used for centuries to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair restoration. Let’s look:

How do Chinese herbs work for hair loss and restoration?

According to traditional medicine, the most fundamental cause of hair loss is improper circulation of blood throughout the scalp, followed by a lack of sufficient blood circulation for the hair follicles. Chinese herbal medicine also revolves around the same belief when it comes to treating hair loss as well as natural hair restoration. However, it focuses more on the strength of the hair roots and the overall health of the scalp. To be more precise, Chinese herbs used to treat hair loss can work in the following way:

They treat the liver and kidney ‘yin’ (a part of the energy twin gum regulating the normal functionality of our body) which promotes the rejuvenation of hair fibers by stimulating the hair follicle.

They help to remove toxic heat (accumulation of toxins) from the body through strong detoxification, which eventually activates the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

They improve blood circulation throughout the scalp, thus increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. This nourishes the roots of the hair by providing them with sufficient nutrients and oxygen, which stimulates hair regrowth.

Best Chinese Herbs to Treat Hair Loss

Here is a list of the most popular Chinese herbs that have long been used to prevent hair loss and restoring lost hair:

1. Polygonum Multiflorum

Polygonum Multiflorum (He Shou Wu), Also known as Fo-Ti or Polygala Vine, is considered the most effective Chinese herb for the prevention of hair loss and hair restoration. The popularity of its age is nothing but the reflection of its effectiveness in stimulating blood circulation, nourishing hair roots, strengthening hair fibers, stopping hair loss, promoting the growth of new terminal hair cords, Prevent premature graying, restore the natural color and shine of hair fibers, etc. Because of its unique restorative properties, it is also classified as a tonic herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

2. Ligustrum Lucidum

Ligustrum Lucidum ( Nu Shen Zi ) is mainly known to be a Yin tonic for the liver and kidneys that eliminate toxins from our body and helps to make our immune system more powerful. As a result, our blood is purified and circulation improves through the scalp, which avoids hair loss, treats bald spots and promotes the growth of new hair.

How Chinese Herbs Help To Prevent Hair Loss3. Schisandra Chinensis

Schisandra Chinensis (Wu Wei Zin), A popular Chinese tonic herb, which has enhanced beauty, has found its use as a natural cure for baldness as well. It purifies the blood, increases circulation, nourishes the hair follicles and finally activates them, which contributes to the regrowth of the hair, to a faster growth of the hair and to a better texture of the hair.

4. Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum), also called “fungus of immortality”, is one of the best Chinese herbs that effectively heals folliculitis (the condition in which whitish structures from boiling around the roots of the strands). Therefore, we get rid of the itchy scalp, which is often known as the cause of excess hair loss. This also improves the flow of blood throughout the scalp.

5. Ginseng

Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) is another classic Chinese herb that treats hair loss by increasing the blood supply to hair follicles. It promotes the metabolism of follicular cells and makes them well fed, which is very necessary for the regrowth of lost hair.

6. Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) not only is beneficial for our health but also immense positive effects on our hair. The herb treats alopecia in males (mainly called male pattern baldness) successfully by improving blood circulation in the scalp and stimulating hair growth.

Besides these 6 popular varieties, there are many other effective Chinese herbs that also possess natural control of hair loss as well as hair restoration properties.

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