Causes Of Sore Tongue

Causes of sore tongue

What are the causes of sore tongue? Well there are many reasons that may cause sores on your tongue. Your tongue helps you talk and taste your food. If your tongue is healthy, it would look pink in colour. When your tongue is affected, life becomes difficult as you have to eat your food using it.

Now, let us discuss about some common causes of sore tongue.


When taste buds on the tongue are irritated, the papillae get enlarged. This is one of the causes of sore tongue.


What are the causes of sore tongue? If you have the habit of smoking then you don’t need to wonder about the reason behind your sore tongue.

Causes Of Sore TongueInfections

Some of the common causes of sore tongue could be inflammation, infection, malignancy or trauma. Only a health care expert can diagnose the reasons. Glossititis is an example of such inflammation on the tongue.


Most of us may experience canker sores due to excessive stress. It is common in most of us as stress became a part of our lives.


What causes a sore tongue post menopause? Well, though the clear reasons are not yet discovered, some women experience burning sensation on the tongue post menopause.
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