Beware- Energy drinks can kill you

Beware- Energy drinks can kill you

Love drinking energy drinks to tolerate a day at work, or study all the night for an exam? Well, this habit can prove costly as they could activate sudden cardiac deaths according to the scientists. In this article Beware- Energy drinks can kill you explained how it effects the body.

The rapid rise in the popularity of energy drinks, particularly among the adolescents aged 10-19 years and young adults, has serious suggestions for the cardiac health, researchers said.

An international research team led by the Fabian Sanchis-Gomar, of Research Institute of Hospital twelve, Spain, noted that energy drinks can activate the sudden cardiac deaths in the young, according to the grapevine healthy individuals.

For persons with underlying the heart diseases, the risk of triggering the sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS) or other arrhythmias can be important.

Even an atrial fibrillation (AF), normally uncommon in the children without structural heart disease, has been observed in a 13-year-old teenager boy during the soccer training session after ingesting energy drinks.

It is estimated that 31 % of 12 to 19 year old young people regularly consume energy drinks. These beverages frequently contain the high amounts of labeled caffeine.

Though, they can contain ‘masked’ caffeine, in form of guarana, for example, which comes from the Brazilian plant and is identical to caffeine found in the coffee beans, but at twice concentration.

The addition of guarana and other substances such as ginseng and taurine in changeable quantities might generate uncertain interactions.

Although caffeine is widely used and normally regarded as safe, serious unfavourable effects have been reported, especially when consumed in the larger doses.

Beware- Energy drinks can kill youWith the range of readily available sources, such as energy drinks, gums, inhalers, and orodispersable sheets, adolescents and young adults can easily overdose, researchers said.

It is estimated that as many as 46 % of 5,448 caffeine overdoses reported in US in 2007 occurred in the adolescents younger than 19 years.

The researchers prudence that one can 250 ml of an energy drinks per day is safe for the most healthy adolescents but energy drinks consumption before or during the sports practice should be avoided.

Adolescents with the clinically appropriate underlying the medical conditions should consult cardiologists before drinking energy drinks.

Researchers also warned that an extreme energy drinks consumption together with an alcohol or other drugs, or both, might lead to unfavourable effects, including death.

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