5 health benefits of dal-chawal with a ghee

5 health benefits of dal-chawal with a ghee

5 health benefits of dal-chawal with a ghee

As many of you might find an eating dal-chawal boring, it is far more than that. Add a spoonful of ghee and the not-so-fancy dal-chawal turns into something unusual. I prefer it every day in excess of some spicy mixture of the vegetables. Here are 5 health benefits of dal-chawal with a ghee:

Comfort food:

Yes, it is easy to make and does not involve lot of troubles. After tiring day at work when I stressed out, the smell of the dal-chawal cooking in a pressure cooker is sufficient to lift my spirits. The soft & smooth mixture of dal rice hugs me from the inside, literally. I always add the huge spoonful of some homemade ghee to the dal-chawal. It is an out of world experience.

Easy to digest:

Not only when ill but also to give some rest to the digestive system, I always stick to modest dal-chawal. Tur dal or moong dal are easy to digest as proteins in these dals are easily broken down by body. These proteins are not absolute proteins like those in meat and meat products. Rice, as you know, is the sick mans food, it is also easily broken down & absorbed by body. It is the rich source of carbohydrates and is also an immediate source of energy.

A good source of proteins:

5 health benefits of dal-chawal with a gheeThe vegetarians, dals are the very good source of protein for me. Dals contain incomplete proteins. Incomplete means proteins that lack assured amino acids, it is best to pair them with the rice. Rice is supposed to contain the proteins that dals lack and vice versa, hence together they make the good pair to stick by.

High in dietary fiber:

Both dal & rice are rich in the fiber, and they help the digestive system run smoothly. Dietary fiber is known to protect from diseases like diabetes and also help to control the blood sugar levels.

Great as watching your weight:

Our nutritionist says that it depends on the weight loss goals. If you are on the weight loss diet, you can eat rice twice per week provided to eat other vegetables that will make up for lack of fiber and carbohydrates in diet. Dal-chawal also makes to full quickly and helps in portion of control and hence can be the part of weight loss diet. You can always substitute the white rice with brown rice to increase health proportion of your meal.

If you still find dal-chawal boring, you can also eat dish with the dash of pickle or a papad just to give your taste buds that zing & crunch. But beware, eating too much pickle and papad can have unfortunate effects on the health.

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