Beware! These 9 foods can age your skin before time

9 foods can age your skin before time

Every woman, at some point in life, has wanted to have a perfect glowing skin that adds to a youthful appearance. Well, quite surprisingly, the texture and the age reflected by your skin are influenced largely by the food you eat. As is said, your skin reflects what you eat. The food habits have a direct relationship with your skin’s overall health. You would be astounded to know that there are certain foods that have the potential to speed up the skin aging process, even before time, thus making your sin look dull and lifeless. Check out for a list of such foods. Read about Beware! These 9 foods can age your skin before time

9 Foods that can Age your Skin before Time

Many women turn towards the use of expensive chemical laden skin products, like moisturizers, toners, and creams. However, to get naturally glowing skin, it is important to start taking the right diet and shun away the wrong ones.

Here is a list of top 9 foods that can age your skin before time.

Processed Meat

Although processed meat is usually associated with comfort food, it uses up vitamin C, thus slowing the collagen production. Collagen performs the function of preventing the aging of skin as well as making it healthy and supple. Also, being high insalt, preservatives leads to increased puffiness of skin and trigger inflammation.


Caffeine is considered as a diuretic demon that dehydrates the skin every passing day. Excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to skin damage. Surprisingly, it speeds up the aging process. Therefore, replace your tea or coffee with water or fruit infusions to get a stunning and glowing skin.

9 foods can age your skin before timeFoods with High Glycemic Index

Foods that contain high glycemic index lead to a hike in the glucose and insulin levels in the body. The most dreadful form of skin acne occurs as a result of these foods. Make it a point to go for grain substitutes for being anti-inflammatory and boosting antioxidants.

Red Meat

Red meat snatches the free radicals that wash off electrons from healthy cells. Lack of these electrons causes the skin to lose its ability to produce collagen that is highly crucial for healthy and glowing skin. Therefore, it is better to go for lean meat options to avoid skin hazards.

Fried Foods

Fried and finger foods are never good for your skin. Although this might remind you of your mother’s rulebook, there is a reason to include them in this list. Fried foods can cause clogging of the skin with unhealthy fat. Therefore, shift to healthier munching options for a glowing and younger looking skin.

Potatoes and Grains

The moment potatoes and grains enter the body, they break down into sugar. Therefore, if you have low activity levels, and your walking is restricted to moving from the office desk to the couch, better keep potatoes and grains away from you. Zinc is highly crucial for skin health and potatoes use it up for metabolism.


Salt, specifically iodized, can cause harm to the skin thus leading to puffy sleep-deprived look. Over consumption of salt can make the skin tissues swell. Moreover, excessive salt consumption can also be a cause for acne.


This is another demon in disguise for the skin health. It is an immediate dehydrator that washes away all the vitamins, especially A, B, and C, which are the best requisites for glowing and younger looking skin. So, replace your drink with a glass of red wine for younger and glowing skin.


Sugar is probably the biggest culprit towards premature aging of the skin. Therefore, excessive intake of sugar should be avoided to get young and glowing skin, even at the age of 50. Sugar can make the skin fat and wrinkly as it doesn’t go too well with elastin and collagen – two essential proteins that give the skin its firm and supple look.



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