Best Tips and Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair Color 

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

The blonde with the strawberry looks like such a beautiful hair color, is not it? Well, this may sound cute, but do you even know how really does this elusive hair color really look like? It’s good if you do not do it because very few people in the world have this hair color naturally. Read more about Best Tips and Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Basically, the blonde strawberry is the clearest shade of the color of red hair. The base color of this hair is of red tones with blonde stripes that cross it, giving that perfect luminosity between shades. Celebrities who boast of having this magnificent hair color are naturally Nicole Kidman, Isla Fisher, Amy Adams, and Roden from Holland.

Now, when it comes to coloring your hair, it is always best to do it for a professional. But it’s understandable that sometimes you just can not drop a pretty penny to pay a visit to the salon. Or maybe you are a type of DIY girl and how to color your hair at home.

Whatever your reason, we are here to your rescue because the blonde strawberry can be a very difficult tone to nail. But fortunately for you, we have done our research and we have found the best way to get blonde strawberry hair.

1. Golden Pink Strawberry Blonde

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorLook and feel like a Greek goddess with this stunning blonde strawberry hair color. The warm blond of this style has magnificent shades of copper that give it an almost brilliant effect. I bet this hair color will be a sight to behold when it comes out in the sunlight.

2. Subtle Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorIf you go for a full head of blonde strawberry tresses is not your style, here is a simpler way to incorporate elements of it into your hair. You could go for subtle blonde strawberry balayage stands out in her light brown or blond hair to lend her a beautiful warm glow. The subtle red tones will add dimension to your hair without being too overwhelming.

3. Highlighted Strawberry Blonde

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorMost women who walk in a salon are in search of that perfect sun-kissed hair look that is so difficult to get. If you are one of these women, here is a look you will definitely want to try. This blonde-colored strawberry work all-around has been elevated to the next level by adding highlights and blonde lowlights to develop its dimension.

4. Dark Toned Strawberry Blonde

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorFor all your ladies out there who prefer darker hair, here is a style that will work wonderfully for you. This work of color looks more towards the strawberry than the blonde side thanks to its shades of copper. The blonde light highlights a little movement and edge on all the look.

5. Light And Bright Strawberry Blonde

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorAdd a little (or rather a ton) of brightness and shine to your hair by trying this impressive hair color. You could say that this is the lightest variation of the blonde strawberry you could make as it has a super light blonde base with a pink and subtle depth.

6. Metallic Strawberry Blonde

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorGo all out and flaunt your bold side with this stunning blond-haired strawberry look. While the world tries to avoid this brasserie that comes with hair coloring, this look embraces this metallic gloss and highlights it in all its splendor. The shiny Bob only works to improve the gloss factor of this look.

7. ‘Almost Red’ Strawberry Blonde

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorNow, it’s a hair color that really straddles the line between any red and strawberry blonde. This burning look is mostly a ginger red with a hint of blonde running through it. These hair come back to life when decorated in a cup and long curls.

8. Copper Strawberry Blonde

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorSexy, stifling and seductive: these are the words that come to mind when you look at this magnificent look. This coppery shade of blonde to the strawberry gives a touch of metallic tone to all this look. Those who want to have a bold and fierce look, it is a hair color that you need to check out.

9. Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorShadow has dominated the roost in the hair coloring world for a while now. So, of course, that was also done on this list! If you are not ready to completely let go of your dark braids, you could simply shade the lower half in a beautiful blonde shade with strawberries that will perfectly complete your chocolate locks.

10. Nude Peach Strawberry Blonde

Ideas of Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorThe great thing about blond hair color to strawberry is that you can incorporate tons of different shades as sub-tones to enhance your hair appearance. For example, in this look, her blonde hair with strawberry have received a harsh tone that makes for the perfect beachy look.

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