Benefits Of Turmeric And Honey Face Mask

Benefits Of Turmeric And Honey Face Mask

In the following infographic it shows the information about Benefits Of Turmeric And Honey Face Mask. 

Benefits Of Turmeric And Honey Face Mask

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Turmeric And Honey For Face Mask:

  • Turmeric is not only incredible for your health it has some serious skin brightening benefits too.
  • Honey is a thick, viscous liquid that has been used by man for a long time not just for its sweet flavor but also for its medicinal properties. It is known to cure many stomachs related diseases, several allergies, cough, cold, etc.
  •  But mixer of honey and turmeric together, it is known as “Golden Honey”, this is the strongest natural antibiotic known to man.

How To Apply:

  • Take the mixture of 1 and 2 tablespoons of honey, one teaspoon turmeric, and one teaspoon sugar in a bowl.
  • If using it as a masque apply to a cleansed, slightly damp face in a thick , even layer and leave on for up to 30 minutes.
  • Don’t be fluster if the turmeric has slightly stained your skin it cleans off easily with a gentle face cleanser. If using as an exfoliant, simply massage into cleansed. Damp skin in small circular motions for up to two minutes before washing.

The above information will show you the Benefits Of Turmeric And Honey Face Mask.It has numerous medicinal benefits by taking it can prolong your life.

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