Benefits an uses of saffron oil

Benefits an uses of saffron oil

Saffron is a spice that is synonymous with India. People in India have been using saffron for times immemorial and there is sufficient evidence to suggest that quite a few subcontinent people were aware of the medicinal and health benefits of the spice. The scarcity of the spice and its high price tag also adds to the intrigue about it. So while using actual saffron may not be an option for everyone it is thankfully not a bar to tapping its benefits if one chooses saffron oil. Know about Benefits an uses of saffron oil.

Saffron oil benefits

Saffron oil has all the benefits of saffron and is a lot easier to use and gives far more bang for your buck. In this article, we list the top benefits of using saffron oil and give you all the reasons you need to tap into this reservoir of goodness. So here are the top benefits of using saffron oil:

  • Controlling weight: Saffron oil promotes the secretion of serotonin in the body, serotonin, by the way, is the body’s own hunger suppressant. Intake of saffron will not only decrease your food craving but will also help you to fight off temptations while following a dietary regimen. The best part is that it is all done naturally with no side effects and you lose weight and develop food discipline.
  • Healthier hair: Saffron oil is rich in antioxidants, which promotes better flow of oxygen in the blood and thereby supply more oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles. This makes hair less brittle, more voluminous and reduces dandruff.
  • Increased Libido: Saffron oil is very useful in curing or blunting the effects of sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Saffron oil or its derivative is often used in Ayurvedic remedies for sexual ailments. It is not necessary for a person to be suffering from sexual dysfunction to tap the benefits of saffron oil. The oil is equally effective in increasing sexual libido and can be used by people who are not suffering from ailments.
  • Benefits an uses of saffron oilCuring Acne: The antibacterial properties of saffron oil make it ideal for curing acne. You can apply the oil directly to the acne affected area which will not only kill the bacteria that causes acne but will also supply the skin with nutrients that make recovery from acne far smoother.
  • Reducing depression: Antidepressant properties of saffron oil are well documented. The oil induces the body to release more serotonin, which is the chemical responsible for happiness and contentment. The effect is achieved without any side effects and is far safer (though admittedly less effective) that various happy pills you can get from the chemist.
  • Controlling Diabetes: There is no cure for diabetes, but saffron oil does achieve the aim of controlling it by lowering blood sugar level. The anti-diabetic properties of saffron oil make it ideal for people who want to limit medication and are looking for more natural remedies. This does not mean that saffron oil has the same efficacy as medical drugs, but it will surely reduce your dependency on them.
  • Treatment of wounds and scars: This is one of the oldest uses of saffron in Indian culture. The antibacterial and healing properties of saffron oil make it ideal for healing wounds. However, saffron does far more than simply heal wounds, it also actively removes scars thereby making it one of the best natural remedies for treating wounds and scars.
  • Better respiratory health: Saffron oil loosens the phlegm thereby making the respiratory system cleaner. It acts like a de-clogger and can be used by people suffering from respiratory health issues ranging from asthma to simple cold.

Saffron oil is truly the most useful natural oils and it is actually better than using saffron in its natural form due to the myriad ways in which it can be used. So grabbing a bottle of saffron oil just might be one of the healthiest decisions you make.


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