Beetroot help reduce high BP or hypertension

11 amazing health benefits of beetroot

Beetroot is great source of nitrates, which when consumed, is converted to nitrites and gas called nitric oxides. Both these compounds help to extend the arteries & lowers the blood pressure. Read about Beetroot help reduce high BP or hypertension.

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Researchers also found that having just about five hundred grams of beetroot every day reduces the blood pressure in about six hours.

How to use it :

Beetroot is great addition to salad. To add it to a salad balance boiling beetroot makes it softer to eat and it does not lose any of its nutrients. Wash 1 beet well and boil it. You can do so either in a cooker or in a vessel of boiling water. Throw away the water that beetroot boils in as this could contain mud that is normally found around the root. Now peel the skin of the beetroot, cut it into slices and eat it as salad. You can finely chop pieces to a mixed salad as well.

Beetroot help reduce high BP or hypertension

Nutritional value of the beetroot juice:

Beetroots are rich in folic acid and manganese. The green leaves of this root vegetable are also nutrient dense and contains Vitamin A, C and K. It contains minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, copper, sulphur, chlorine and silica. These nutrients have favourable effect on the blood, improve a red cell production, increase the level of haemoglobin and enhances the nutrition of the cells with an oxygen. Beetroot juice is one of the richest sources of the nitrates. It contains little amounts of amino acids including D amino acids and alpha amino acids. Various anti – oxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids are also found in this vegetable.

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Beetroot help reduce high BP or hypertension

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