Beauty Benefits Of Walnut Oil

beauty benefits of walnut oil

Beauty Benefits Of Walnut Oil

Have you ever tried walnut oil for the skin care? You must have enjoyed walnuts as the snack till now; it is time you try walnut oil as the beauty product. Well, it contains the antioxidants as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

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As walnut oil is rich in many nutrients, it can be used both as an edible oil as well as for topical application. It contains the vitamin E and minerals like phosphorous, copper, selenium, magnesium, zinc and calcium. We all know that walnut oil has certain health benefits. When applied on the skin, the texture of your skin gets better and when applied on the hair, certain hair problems like dandruff can be eliminated.

Eggless Walnut Muffins: A Sweet Treat What are the other beauty benefits of walnut oil? Well, let us discuss about using walnut oil for skin care.


It can be used as the moisturising agent. If you are suffering from the dry skin then it is high time you use walnut oil on the skin as it penetrates deeply and keeps the skin moisturised. Especially, try it on the elbows. This is one of the benefits of walnut oil for skin.


The potassium content in walnut oil promotes the hair growth. Try massaging your hair with this oil every morning before bath. This is one of the beauty benefits of walnut oil.


Aging process starts with the wrinkles. You can avoid wrinkles by using the walnut oil on the skin daily.


It is the fact that psoriasis could be an intolerable skin problem. You can try walnut oil before bath on the daily basis and see if symptoms minimise. If not, then consult your doctor.

Dandruffbeauty benefits of walnut oil

If you are suffering form the dandruff, you can try olive oil on the scalp. It can prevent and treat dandruff efficiently by clearing the flakes on the scalp.


Do you now the fact that walnut oil can also clear the fungal infections? Well, try using it on the affected areas and get immediate relief.

Hair Loss

Losing hair is not a joy. Stress can lead to the hair loss and hair loss can add up to the stress. You can try walnut oil on the hair to minimise the hair loss. This is one of the benefits of walnut oil for hair.

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