All Things Sagittarian Tattoo – Images for you!

All Things Sagittarian Tattoo

Sagittarians speak their mind on most occasions. But what about those few times that they don’t? If tattoos could do all the talking for you, which one would you choose? All Things Sagittarian Tattoo

Characterized by a bow and arrow, most inflections of the Sagittarius star signs revolve around the concept of a centaur. Vibrant and exciting, just like their personalities in real life, we’re bringing you some of the best tattoos around.

The Lone Ranger

All Things Sagittarian Tattoo
If you find yourself wavering from your goals and can’t seem to find focus, then here’s a tattoo that you might like. It depicts a lone ranger with an arched bow ready to strike. You can elucidate it in a way you deem fit. You could be the lone ranger in real life and the direction of the bow, your goal. Persistence does take quite some time to master, so until then, you have the tattoo to remind you.

The Centaur

All Things Sagittarian TattooBig on Greek Mythology? Say it with a centaur that’s ready to strike. The tattoo is quite bold and can be sported just about anywhere. Ideally on your shoulder the arrow points out in the direction that you want to go. The centaur has intricate detailing which makes this a one of a kind tattoo.

The True Blue Sagittarius

All Things Sagittarian TattooNothing says Sagittarian as does this tattoo. Quite literally. Want the world to know you’re Sagittarian? Ink the word on your skin. Simple isn’t it? That, along with the bow and arrow, of course.  Indigo is used for the print, though you can choose any color that you like. If you connect with your star sign, then this is definitely one for you.

Tribal Art

All Things Sagittarian TattooTribal art to the rescue! A knight, all decked up with armor in the most unnoticeable of all ways. Subtle yet strong, that’s the message to take from this tattoo. Tribal art is quite the means to get your idea out there, isn’t it? It’s playful and fun yet it brings out the message you want it to. Opt for this tattoo to unleash the creative side to you.

After the War

All Things Sagittarian TattooAfter the War, what does the soldier become? That is the question. How do you react once you have struck the blow? How do you emerge once you have done all there is to do? That is what this tattoo brings to the forefront. Once the centaur releases the bow, does he just stand there or does he move along? Is he humbled or is he struck with pride in return? The answers are yours to choose.

The Legged Lass

All Things Sagittarian TattooEnough with all this centaur stuff, right? That’s what you’re thinking? Quite the mind readers, aren’t we? Opt for a tattoo of this legged lass about to strike. The arrow points upwards, again reminding you to aim high. To reach out and unleash the prowess within, that’s what you can take from this tattoo. The wings are also a direct take at soaring and reaching above and beyond to reach your goals.

The Bow and Arrow

All Things Sagittarian TattooLast but not the least, we’re bringing you the true Sagittarian spirit. The basics of all things Sagittarius. The indomitable duo of the bow and arrow that encompasses the actuality of Sagittarians. Look for the truth always, aim higher, reach out and grab every opportunity you can avail of. Ideally, if you’re looking to skip out on the pain, but still end up with a kick ass tattoo, this one is definitely for you.

Care to ink it? Add another feather to your cap as you unleash your inner centaur.

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