The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fad Diets

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fad Diets

At first we don’t pay much attention to the fact that we get a little bit more weight, but after seeing that we are a far cry from profile pictures, we are searching for the way to lose our extra pounds hysterically.

One of the best ways to lose weight fast is fad diets. There is a multitude of fad diets that include no carb diets, all banana diets, no grains diets, etc, with all of them allow to reduce you weight in short time. Of course the effectiveness of this type of diets is definitely an advantage, there is no pros without cons. So, let’s dig a little deeper about the advantages and disadvantages of fad diets. And in order to do so, let’s have a look at the most popular fad diets.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet includes intake of cabbage soup, particularly and the quantity of soup can be taken without any limits because this is preferable when the a person doesn’t feel hungry after having cabbage soup. There are such different food items that can be listed while talking with cabbage soup.

  • Day 1, cabbage soup is taken along with some fruits.
  • Day 2, cabbage soup with veggies can be consumed.
  • Day 3, cabbage soup with some veggies and fruits can be taken.

The main purpose is to consume cabbage soup, so that toxins are removed from the body. Advantages of cabbage soup as a fad diet are unlimited amount of cabbage soup can be consumed with veggies and fruits so that a person doesn’t feel hungry and lose around 10 lbs of weight in a week. This is considerable and an achievement for fitness freaks. The disadvantages is, an individual can feel weakness and fatigue. Stomach cramps are observed while having cabbage soup.

The Master Cleanse

This diet offers you consuming water mixed with maple syrup, lemonade and cayenne pepper instead of limiting the amount of food consumption.

This helps to get rid of toxins from the body and removes fat from the body. It takes around 5 to 40 days to cleanse the body system. The advantage of this fad diet is that the mixture of these ingredients is actually good for health and a person feels better as nicotine, junk food and alcohol are eliminated from your body, as it goes through the complete detoxification.

On the other hand, the energy level is reduced in this diet due to no food intake that becomes a disadvantage of fad diet. Moreover, your body will need time to get to used to normal food once again.

The Grapefruit Diet

Often labelled as Hollywood diet, the grapefruit diet usually lasts from 12 to 18 days and is limited to consuming grapefruits or simply drinking the grapefruit juice. This can be around 250ml with some preferable meals that can be opted while a fad diet of grapefruit. The main advantages of the grapefruit are it is low in calorie and consist of vitamin C as the main supplement of diet.

On the other hand the calorie intake is reduced to 800. This limit is well below the daily nutrition needs and may cause fatigue. The rigid regime may cause stomach ache, dizziness or headaches due to food deficiency. The extra protein of grapefruit can lead to complications like Kidney stones.


Potential Drawbacks

Fad diets may help you lose weight quickly, but that weight is just as quick to return once you go back to your old eating habits. These diets fail to teach you good, sustainable eating habits to last a lifetime.

The American Council on Exercise notes that usually one-third of all weight lost with a diet is regained within one year and most is regained within three to five years. Fad diets often cut out an entire food group or groups. As a result, instead of following a balanced diet, you follow a highly restrictive one that can be hard to adhere to for any length of time.

If you fall off the diet wagon, which is almost inevitable when you’re so restricted, you may feel like a failure and that a healthy weight is not within your reach. Many fad diets don’t encourage exercise, an essential element in any healthy lifestyle.

On The Plus Side

A fad diet can help you identify the features of your existing diet that undermine your weight and health. Many types of diets, including Clean Program and Eat Right for Your Blood Type, dismiss the standard American diet, which tends to contain a lot of refined flours, processed foods and sugar, and offer an alternative that includes more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Fad diets such as the French Woman’s diet can make you aware of portion sizes and help you curb mindless snacking that contributes to weight gain.

Best Dieting Advice

Losing weight requires effort and commitment. All the diets that offers you losing weight without moving your finger are here today and gone tomorrow, thus they shouldn’t be trusted. Only lifelong changes will keep you healthy for life. And According to the American Heart Association it is true, as the think that the best way to lose weight is with a portion-controlled diet that emphasizes fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy along with regular physical activity.

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