8 ways to prepare your little ones for the monsoon

8 ways to prepare your little ones for the monsoon

Prepare your little ones for the monsoon as parents have to ensure that their child is not neglected during the season. Newborn baby care in the rainy season is not an easy proposition.

Keep one’s surroundings clean by getting rid of stagnant water, and also preventing wet walls. It is important to keep the windows closed while it is raining and so forth. This does prevent mosquitoes, flies as well as disease-carrying insects from roaming all over the room.

Parents have to take necessary precautions to ensure newborn baby care in the rainy season.

1. Equip with proper rain gear

Umbrellas, raincoats, and boots are indeed required by little ones during the rainy season. Make sure they are indeed properly equipped prior to moving out of the house.

2. Empty or cover the water containers

Stagnant water results in dengue and malaria-causing mosquitoes breed there. It is necessary to ensure that water coolers and other such places are rather emptied or covered to lower the chances of mosquito breeding, which as a result indeed affect one’s kids and other family members.

3. Drink clean filtered water

Drinking contaminated water can cause diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, etc. to which children are more prone than adults. Parents need to provide their children and family with clean, filtered as well as germ-free water.

4. Proper hand wash regularly

Children should be taught to wash their hands regularly as well as properly frm an antiseptic hand-wash. Hands need to be washed prior to eating and after coming from outside as a person carries disease-causing germs which affect the child from his or her hands to the mouth and then to the stomach, thus resulting in illness. Keep in mind to prepare your little ones for the monsoon.

8 ways to prepare your little ones for the monsoon

5. Take extra care of their food

Kids need to have a healthy diet that helps boost their immune responses via proper nutrition. They need to have lots of fruits, vegetables, as well as fruit juices. They need to avoid roadside street food during this season in order to keep them and their immune system healthy. Children should be kept well informed about health issues during the rainy season and also about the avoidance of unhealthy food.

6. Take a shower

Diseases do develop when the body does experience a sudden drop in temperature, which does generally occur when the kids get wet in the rain. Taking a shower after becoming in the rain, does help the body by stabilizing the cold temperature and ensuring it is normal. Also, after taking a shower, it is a good idea to give the child something hot like tea, coffee or vegetable soup.

7. Clean surroundings, healthy you

Keep the surroundings clean by removing stagnant water and also preventing wet walls. Windows need to be kept closed while it is raining, etc. This does prevent mosquitoes, flies as well as other disease-carrying insects from swarming the room.

8. Vaccination

It is advisable to consult the doctor about getting the kids vaccinated against common illnesses. Children need to be protected from diseases and especially so during the rainy season. Children are vulnerable to the vagaries of the weather. Colds and flu are common and wearing proper clothes for protection from harsh weather are important.

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This rainy season, allow your children to smile and enjoy this shower of happiness. So, be proactive and spread health and happiness all-around your house. Newborn baby care in the rainy season is a major responsibility and parents need much guidance from specialists. Prepare your little ones for the monsoon is the motto that parents need to adhere to. Children have to be well taken care of during the monsoon.

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