8 Habits That Cause Hair Loss

Habits that cause hair loss

8 #Habits That Cause #HairLoss

There are some of the simple everyday habits that cause hair loss. Losing the few hair strings every now & then is natural but if you are losing them too frequently and too much, then might be some of the habits are to be blamed.

If you have noticed hair on the bed after waking up, then it is the symptom of the hair loss. What causes this hair loss? Well, although aging can be the natural factor that supplies, other habits might also increase the risk.

In fact the food, hygiene, climatic exposure, the hair care routine, the products you use on the hair and even the hair style are some of the factors that might add up to the loss of hair.

In some of the rare cases, shock and nervousness can also cause the hair loss. Powerful shock can also make one lose hair quite fast.

Then, how to prevent the hair loss? Well, by making small changes to habits that make you lose hair, you can reduce the hair fall up to an certain level.

Now, let us discuss about the several factors which may help you to understand where you are doing it wrong.

Hair Products

Some of the hair products that you are using might be the culprits. It is better to talk to the dermatologist if you have observed hair loss after using a particular product.


Stress is a killer. Yes, it can cause the hair loss too. Powerful emotional stress can guide to the hair fall on a worrying scale.

Hot Showers

Hot water is not good for the skin and hair. Your hair & scalp become dry as the natural oils get cleaned out.

Blow Drying

Still hair dryers can cause their share in the hair damage. The hot air is not good for the health of the hair just like hot water. Try to control the habit.

Wet Hair

Do not be in a hurry to brush when the hair is still wet after shower. This can be the very cause of your hair loss.


Tight pony tails & pulling the hair roughly can also lead to the hair loss. If you have the habit of pulling the hair every day, it is better to go easy on the hair.

Habits that cause hair lossMedication

Well, sometimes hair fall can also be simply due to medicines you take. If you are under medication, you physician can give you advice.


If you have the habit of eating more of junk food & less of nutritious food then the food habits must be the reason at the back for your hair loss.

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