7 ways to stay fresh in summer

7 ways to stay fresh in summer

How to stay fresh in summer? Wearing proper clothes that suit the weather, using less deodorant and perfumes like airy clothes, comfortable shoes and usually cotton wear helps a person to resolve the issue of how to stay fresh.

It is not all that easy to remain fresh and smell good throughout the day. A hurly-burly day makes a person tired and naturally, sweat develops during summertime. It is but natural the question that arises in one’s mind is how to stay fresh in summer? 

Here are few valuable tips on how to stay fresh:

1. Jump in the shower

To stay fresh, start the day by cleansing one’s body. One’s unique body chemistry will determine the frequency of baths during summer. Many people do take a shower every morning yet having a bath twice a day does help stay fresher. In the case of a temperate climate, the skin happens to be on the dry side, every other day is considered to be best. In other words, it is certainly good to bathe often during summer.

· Being clean does not necessarily imply making use of the harshest cleanser possible. Use a soap that suits one’s skin type and does not dry out too much. Make use of a body wash or perhaps a bar soap that is gentle for daily use.

· While taking a shower frequently it is possible that a person may prefer not to wash hair often. Washing one’s hair every day can indeed dry it out and this leads to damage of the hair. As it gets rid of natural oil present in the hair. To stay fresh on the days when a person does not want to wash one’s hair, it may be better to use a dry shampoo. 

· The idea behind this effort is how to stay fresh.

2. Wear deodorant 

Using deodorant for getting rid of body odor helps. Apply the deodorant after getting out of the shower.

If more sweat is there then a combination of deodorant and antiperspirant does keep a person dry. Use it with the caution of course, as it is understood that antiperspirant can lead to breast cancer

3. Use body powder to absorb moisture

If the skin tends to feel a little too oily or sweaty as the day progresses, then it is better to apply body powder after drying off from one’s morning shower. It does absorb extra moisture, thus keeping a person feeling fresh. 

4. Wear breathable fabrics

The synthetic and polyester fabrics are uncomfortable in summer. It is good to wear breathable fibers such as cotton. Avoid wearing airtight clothes as they make a person sweat and the clothes may stick to the body

5. Take care of one’s feet

In summer feet may get smelly and much sweat may be there. It is important to take extra care to wash, dry, and powder them every morning. Wear shoes that suit the weather and are comfortable to walk in. Wear a pair of socks that absorb extra moisture.

Go in for a separate pair of shoes for working out. 

6. Avoid dousing yourself in perfume or cologne

Make use of light application of perfume or cologne on one’s pulse points to make oneself feel fresh. Too much perfume needs to be avoided to hide the smell of sweat.

7. Stay away from strong-smelling foods

In case of bad breath after eating onions, or the skin smelling like garlic a few hours after consuming spaghetti sauce, means it is necessary to be selective about foods during summer. It is better to have lighter foods such as salads, fruits, and vegetables, especially on days when a person wants to stay fresh. By eating these foods, the body odor gets minimized. 

7 ways to stay fresh in summer

Avoid foods causing indigestion such as spicy foods which may cause sweat.

How to stay fresh in summer is certainly a question that crops during hot summer days when a person sweats a lot.

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