7 Unique and Trending Hand Tattoo Designs for Girls

7 Unique and Trending Hand Tattoo Designs for Girls

Tattoos turn out to be a lifetime commitment and much time needs to be spent on the design location of it on the body.

Opting for an inked hand is common and happens to be the safest option as it is indeed easily visible and also is in different styles. There is much to choose from. There are simple tattoo designs for girls and both men and women can go in for the latest tattoo designs on hand.

Hand tattoos when it comes to men are usually personal and also consist of a strong internal message for several people. The latest tattoo designs on hand are manifold.

Tiny as well as meaningful body art is indeed beautiful, delicate adornment that does make the wearer look good.

The choices can be from beautiful as well as intricate floral designs to even brazen as well as graphic symbols, as well as typographies, there are indeed several options when it comes to tattoo designs for girls.

Even a single dot can do wonders!

1. Mandala tattoo

Mandala Tattoo happens to be one of the best tattoo designs that a person can get on one’s hands.

The word Mandala implies a circle in Sanskrit. Mandala design has rather a several meanings but it also mainly represents wholeness, harmony, as well as the universe.

7 Unique and Trending Hand Tattoo Designs for Girls

These sacred symbols with a modern twist have indeed become famous tattoo designs.

It does incorporate geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, and nature-derived patterns- flowers, moon, as well as sun.

2. Rose Tattoo

Rose being one of the most complex flowers is one of the best hand tattoo designs for girls.

It does represent love, hope, and new beginnings. A person can also get the tattoo in color for it to pop or rather stick to black ink for a more enchanted look.

The Prayer Hand Praying tattoo design hand is the perfect way of exhibiting one’s faith. It has indeed a simple line art design that does appear divine as well as organic. A symbolic piece in religious culture happens to be a good idea for one’s next ink.

3. Traditional Tribal Tattoo

The best and very unique tattoo design is no doubt the Tribal tattoos are the best bet then!

Tribal Tattoo designs are rather linked to several cultures and are a great tattoo design in hand if a person wants to pay homage to one’s heritage.

Go for bold as well as intricate line details as these represent ritual activities cum social status. Different patterns do represent a specific meaning, so, naturally, research is required.

4. Name Tattoo Design

Getting the name of one’s loved one inked on one’s hand is indeed a proper way of keeping them close to a person’s heart.

Be it a person’s friend, family, or perhaps a pet, they can be near wherever the person tends to go by getting this cursive tattoo.

This does happen to be one of the best hand tattoo designs for girls that a person can get.

It can be had in large font or even perhaps a small simple font on the side of a person’s hand.

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5. Scorpion Tattoo

Showcasing one’s enigmatic nature and star sign with the scorpion tattoo design in hand is indeed a superb idea.

Get this seductive powerful creature rather than ink on the corner of one’s wrist or crawling up one’s hand.

This is indeed a versatile tattoo design option for all those who happen to rather lovers of this intense creature

6. Neo Traditional Tattoo

Neo-traditional happens to be an American or perhaps modern western tattoo tradition. These tattoo designs do indeed revolve around color palettes as well as unique subject matter.

Neo-traditional hand tattoo designs for girls are indeed very popular owing to their modern patterns as well as American traditions- vibrant colors as well as densely packed styles.

7. Bracelet Tattoo

Get a permanent jewel to adorn with every look of oneself.

This bracelet tattoo design is dainty and unique in style and is ethereal and chic.

This does add to one’s imagination to the bracelet tattoo design and does get a customized jewel ink.

Simple tattoo designs for girls are indeed worth considering for an attractive appearance.

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