7 tips to avoid hypertension

tips to avoid hypertension

7 tips to avoid hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a chronic medical condition which improves the risk of developing many health related problems including the heart disease, stroke and kidney diseases.

Lifestyle plays an very important role in treating the high-blood pressure or hypertension.

Here are some tips to avoid hypertension:

Maintain weight

People who are overweight should lose the weight and those who weight usually should not gain excess weight in order to avoid the risk of hypertension.

Balanced diet

Balanced diet and healthy food can help to keep the blood pressure under control. Ample of fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium diet should include in the diet or should be taken daily. And one should follow diet that will help to manage the blood pressure.


One should exercise often to prevent the hypertension. Physical activities play an very important role in controlling the blood pressure. Even 30 minutes exercise 3 times a week is good sufficient to avoid hypertension.

Monitor the blood pressure

One should make sure to check the blood pressure on a regular basis. Hypertension occurs with no symptoms so it’s good to keep a check on the blood pressure levels. Blood pressure in the range of 120-139/80-89 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) will put you at increased risk of developing hypertension. So one should take extra care, if their blood pressure reaches the said range.

Cut on salt

One should get rid of the consumption of salt in diet help to keep the blood pressure normal. The higher the intake of sodium, the higher the risk of blood pressure. Salt intake can be cut back by avoiding high-sodium packaged and processed foods. Also, it can be done by not adding extra salt to the meals.

Less alcohol

tips to avoid hypertensionToo much alcohol can lead to problem of the high blood pressure. So one should avoid drinking alcohol if you want to keep the blood pressure under control.

Reduce stress

Blood pressure or hypertension is caused by stress. So taking too much of stress is not good for health and one should lead a stress free life to avoid disease. To reduce the stress, methods such as yoga, self-help books, meditation, deep relaxation techniques or mental health counselling should be taken up.

All above mentioned are simple tips to avoid hypertension. If you have any type of complications please consult your doctor

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