7 Snacks Beat Cravings for Dieting & Quick Weight Loss!

7 Snacks Beat Cravings for Dieting & Quick Weight Loss!

Healthy low-calorie snacks for weight loss are worth knowing more about. Healthy snacks for weight loss at night can also help those who happen to be diet conscious.

Having a well-shaped body is difficult indeed. Often efforts for weight loss go to waste and lose patience as well as determination. Diet and lifestyle can do help to lose weight trick. People tend to indulge in some seriously unhealthy snack foods when hunger strikes. And it is these snacks that ruin our weight loss efforts!

Healthy low-calorie snacks for weight loss are better to have.

It is worth looking into healthy snacks. Those mid-meal hunger pangs do promote weight loss. Eating in moderation is good for health. After all, gluttony happens to be the biggest enemy of fitness!

1. Soaked Almonds cum Walnuts

Nuts are no doubt the best way to start the day. They are rich in protein; fiber as well as plenty of minerals not only keep a person full but also do nourish one’s system. Soaking them and chewing, about say 7 to 8 is good with a glass of skimmed milk.

2. Sprout Salad

Vigna radiata (commonly known as Moong beans) happens to be one of those healthy snack foods that nutritionists do swear by. Soak them for about a day, drain the water, and then allow them to germinate. Within 24-30 hours, a person will indeed have sprouted beans ready. These can then be of course be steamed with half a spoon of edible olive oil, and then it is a good idea to add to it pomegranate seeds, finely chopped cucumber, tomato, or even pears as well as apples. This high protein snack will thus provide the strength that one’s body does require to ‘go that extra mile.

7 Snacks Beat Cravings for Dieting & Quick Weight Loss!

3. Roasted Lentils cum Sunflower Seeds

If a person has hardly time to cook 2-3 meals on a weekday, let alone prepare snacks for those who prepare to have something in between meals, then this is the best option. Spare a couple of hours on a weekend and then dry roast a few lentils as well as sunflower seeds which can be stored and munched on at any hour of the day. The best part is: these can be safely be stored until, at least, the next fortnight.

4. Hard-Boiled Eggs

This healthy snack food is no doubt easy to prepare and does not even demand expertise. It is good to have hard boil two eggs for 10-12 minutes, peel off, and then have them with a glass of skimmed milk.

In case a person gets bored of eating plain boiled eggs, then a person can try something of his or her own known as ‘Chick Eggs’.

5. Veg Sandwich/Salami Sandwich

Grab about two slices of whole wheat bread. Then fill them up with finely chopped seasonal vegetables or thin slices of lean meat. Grill them and then have them with a glass of fresh juice extracted from seasonal fruits.

6. Pop Corn

Pop Corn is indeed worth having for weight loss. It can be prepared by using very little oil (and just a pinch of salt and ground black peppercorn) and munching on them. It should also be eaten in moderation.

7. Porridge along with Vegetables

Roast a cup full of Dalia in a teaspoon of clarified butter prepared from cow milk. Add three cups of water and then cook it on a medium flame for about 10 minutes. In the meanwhile, sauté some chopped vegetables such as carrot, broccoli as well green peas along with an onion. Toss these into the vessel that contains prepared dalia as well as cook for a minute or two.

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Trying out healthy low-calorie snacks for weight loss is sensible. Also, many weight-conscious people are keen to know more about healthy snacks for weight loss at night.

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