12 Little Known Facts about Kit Harington’s Private Life

12 Little Known Facts about Kit Harington's Private Life

Kit Harington his first name being Christopher attained much fame and Kit Harington’s wife had met him on ht set. He was associated with Jon Snow actor.

Christopher Catesby “Kit” Harington happens to be an English actor. He studied at the Royal Central School of Speech as well as Drama and made his professional acting debut with the lead role as Albert Narracott in the critically acclaimed West End play War Horse at the National Theatre in 2009.

What there is to know about Kit Harington?

  1. A decade ago nobody knew who Kit Harington was. His first name has been Christopher and he came to know about it after writing exams at school when he was eleven. He found out the truth as a teacher would not allow him to write down his nickname.
  2. Kit became popular very soon by his performance in the hit HBO show, Game of Thrones, which ran from 2011 to about 2019. Kit in fact earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Dramatic TV series, along with two Primetime Emmy nominations. Harington has starred in feature films, including Pompeii, and done voice acting for the How to Train Your Dragon franchise
  3. Presently, the 33-year-old actor is rather moving on from his life-changing role as Jon Snow and thus proving himself in other genres. In 2019, Harington did join the Marvel universe, to portray Dane Whitman/The Black Knight in The Eternals (which is currently in post-production).12 Little Known Facts about Kit Harington's Private Life
  4. After he got married to his Got love interest, Rose Leslie and fans did show much interest in learning more about Kit’s private life and Kit Harington’s wife.
  5. Similar to several young adults who worked retail, Kit also had a job in a bookstore. 
  6. Kit says, “I used to have to lug down the books and George’s always sold like hotcakes, so I constantly had to restock them and they were just so heavy because they’re so huge. I remember cursing him. I’ve told him this many times.” Kit added, “I’d fill up the shelves and they’d sell out in a day!”
  7. Kit Harington is no doubt afraid of a few things, which include spiders, flying, as well as crowds. His worst fear happens to be being buried alive. “Battle of the Bastards”, where he was pinned under several bodies.
  8. Usually, an actor who becomes popular for one specific role dreads the idea of being typecast, and Harington does love his connection with Jon Snow. A particular way to avoid typecasting is writing his own roles!
  9. Kit Informed The Guardian, “I’ve written three TV shows with my best friend Dan West, two of which we have sold, so I would like to see myself producing. I met Dan at drama school – we live together and write together. It is a sexless marriage.”
  10. GoT led Kit Harington towards fame and it also gave him the love of his life. Harington initially met Rose Leslie in 2012, on the set, and is on their working relationship became a romantic one
  11. Quite a challenge faced by Harington when he happened to be filming Pompeii. He informed Rolling Stone, “I was in my trailer, and I felt absolutely fine, but they called me to set, I got up, and my legs just went from underneath me, and I couldn’t stand. Every time I got up; the same thing happened. I just stayed in bed for 48 hours and then I was at work again. But it’s weird when that happens.”
  12. Despite efforts to keep their relationship on a quiet note information would leak out now and then.

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