7 New Hair Styles for Long Hair

7 New Hair Styles for Long Hair

Beauty in a woman is judged by her hair along with other attributes. Some women prefer to have short hair whereas others love having long hair. Beautiful long hair is indeed a pleasure to the eye and many men get attracted to women with long hair.

Many women prefer short hair as they feel it is convenient to maintain and hairstyles are many. But not so as far as rockabilly hairstyles for long hair are also manifold to choose from.

Long hair means one can go in for many hairstyles which can make one look very attractive and appealing. Let us have a look at some of these hairstyles for long hair.

1. Blunt Bangs:

This has been donned by Kin Kardashian and Taylor Swift in a very attractive fashion. Straight bang and blunt bangs in the front of the head that cover the forehead make the hairstyle look gorgeous. A fringe in the front will enhance one’s look further.

2. Bang with Waves:

Bang with waves make the hair look very sexy and is an attractive long hairstyle. Curls along the waves make a look simply gorgeous and enhance the sex appeal of her.

7 New Hair Styles for Long Hair3. Side Swept Hair:

This e “Rachel” style haircut is very popular and much requested. Long straight hair is swept aside and gives a stunning look. Her hairstyle makes one look smart and simply attractive. Hairstyles for long hair are much sought after. A woman would like to go through the wide variety of hairstyles for long hair and then decide upon one that will make her feel superb.

4. Simple Braid:

One always did like braids when one was young as most mothers prefer their girls to have braided hair while in school. One can go in for simple braid even in later life and this style is also very fashionable these days. One can flaunt around one’s long braided hair.

5. Fishtail Braid:

Why look like a plain Jain? Get rid of plain braids and go in for a fishtail braid which is a proper way to tie up one’s hair for an elegant look. All you need to do is follow a criss-cross technique.

6. French Braid:

French braids make a woman look appealing and chic. One must wear this hairstyle on a summery day in order to tie up one’s hair.

7. Perky Side Pony:

This is Barbie doll inspired hairstyle which will certainly draw much attention from the opposite sex. The twisted ponytail does enhance your beauty. One can make use of glittering hair band.

Hairstyles for long hair are indeed are many to choose from. A woman wants to look her best at all times and on different occasions, she has the different hairstyle. Looking stunning and gorgeous by trying out a variety of long hairstyles.

One need not feel that manage long hair is difficult as one can tie it in different hairstyles and look good. In other words, long hair is also easily manageable. Choose the hairstyle that suits you best for a particular occasion. Whether you tie it up as the braid or as a bun, the stunning look will make heads turn around. “ Wow, what a hairstyle” is what you must hear one say which makes you feel happy with your look.

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