7 Health Benefits of Kiwi

7 Health Benefits of Kiwi

Kiwis are very good for health and kiwi fruit benefits for skin are several as well as kiwi fruit for pregnancy is good. In fact, Kiwi fruit benefits for kidney cannot be negated.

Kiwi is known for its high content of vitamin C and is popular as a health food. It is also rich in other nutrients. These nutrients help lower blood pressure, help maintain bowel health, and more. It is full of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, and potassium. Kiwis also are a powerful fiber source. Kiwi fruit benefits for weight loss is also part and parcel of the several benefits along with Kiwi fruit benefits for kidney being manifold.

What are the health benefits of kiwi fruit?

Good for Digestion

Kiwis do sufficient fiber, which is good for digestion. The proteolytic enzyme in kiwi known as actinidin can rather help break down protein. This enzyme actinidin can enhance protein digestion. Kiwi fruit benefits for skin are also manifold and good digestion also keeps one’s skin glowing.

Can Help Treat Asthma

The high content of vitamin C, as well as antioxidants that are found in kiwis, will benefit people with asthma. The fruit is beneficial for lung function. Kiwi fruit price is also reasonable and can be had as a fresh fruit regularly, including kiwis. This fresh fruit can decrease wheezing in susceptible children.

The antioxidants in Kiwis contain anti-asthma effects and can decrease wheezing in susceptible children

Strengthens Immune System

Kiwis are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients. Vitamin C is essential for boosting one’s immune system to prevent disease. Based on a study it has been observed that the kiwis can help immune functioning and also decrease the risk of contracting cold- or flu-like diseases. This is especially beneficial for adults over 65 and young children.

Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C that can indeed help boost the immune system. It can also reduce the risk of cold as well as flu, both in children and in the elderly.

Can Control Blood Pressure

Kiwi fruits help control blood pressure. According to a research study, it has been observed that 3 kiwis a day had better effects on blood pressure than 1 apple a day. It also implies less risk for disorders such as strokes or heart attacks, in the long term.

7 Health Benefits of Kiwi

The bioactive compounds in kiwifruit can help control blood pressure and may decrease the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Decreases Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress will damage one’s DNA. This can cause chronic diseases. Studies do indicate that daily intake of kiwi or kiwi extract does decrease the risk of oxidative stress. The oxidation can damage DNA as well as cause colon cancer. Regular consumption of kiwi may reduce one’s risk of colon cancer.

The antioxidants properties in kiwifruit can reduce the risks of diseases linked to oxidative stress.

Protects Against Vision Loss 

Macular degeneration happens to be the leading cause of vision loss, and kiwis can help protect the eyes against it. The zeaxanthin and lutein available in fruits and vegetables can contribute to this effect.

Consuming fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of vision loss.

Reduces the Risk of Blood Clotting

Kiwis may be able to reduce blood clotting. They can also help control blood pressure. Research indicates consuming three kiwis a day does substantially decrease the risk of blood coagulation. They also can decrease blood triglyceride levels.

Some of the other benefits of Kiwis are Kiwi fruit in pregnancy is very good to have. 


It is indeed good to consume Kiwis as they contain several nutrients that keep the body in a healthy shape. They are good for the elderly, children, and pregnant women as well.

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