7 Cosmetic Products That Harm Skin

7 Cosmetic Products That Harm Skin

7 Cosmetic Products That Harm Skin

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We must be careful of what we apply to the skin as chemical skin care products, & even makeup products do load with toxic chemicals. Frequent or regular usage of these chemical products on the skin cause skin damage as well as other health problems. Do you know that the favourite skin cream or makeup product contains many toxic ingredients?.

Do you know that your favorite skin cream or makeup product contains many toxic ingredients?.

Whatever apply on skin gets absorbed into the blood & shows their toxic or unhealthy effects in our body. The chemical skin products have many harmful effects on the skin, and they only offer the short lived remedy for the surface.

There are many toxic or unhealthy chemicals in skin products that should avoid, or their use should be restricted. If you normally use moisturiser, body lotion, deodorant, perfume, shampoo and makeup then, you must be cautious about their chemical toxicity.

Here are the some toxic chemicals found in the chemical skin products that you must use with caution. Have a look on 7 Cosmetic Products That Harm Skin.

7 Cosmetic Products That Harm SkinMakeup Products

Artificial Colors added in all the beauty skin care products to make them look beautiful. The colours added are Green 3 (E142) & Blue 1 (E133) etc. These colours might cause cancer & add toxins to skin & body. These are among the most toxic or unhealthy skin care products.

Soaps And Shampoos

Parabens added in the soaps, skin creams, shampoos, etc. can cause the premature ageing & fertility issues. It is one of the most unhealthy or toxic chemicals in skin products. These are one of poisonous skin care products.

Skin Creams And Lotions

Isopropyl alcohol remains used in the manufacture of skin care products as a solvent. It can lead to pigmentation and brown spots on the skin.

Nail Polish

Formaldehyde does add as a preservative in nail polish and many other cosmetics products. It can cause allergy, toxicity, organ damage and can decrease immunity. It is one of the skin care chemicals to avoid during pregnancy.


Sodium lauryl sulphate acts as a detergent and does add in the shampoos & other skin beauty products. It makes skin thin so that any toxic or unhealthy substance can easily enter the skin. It also causes skin irritation & cancer.

Talc and Deodorants

Artificial fragrances added in these cosmetics can cause the poisoning & are carcinogens. These are some of the harmful chemicals in the skin care products.

Cosmetic Products

Preservatives such as ascorbic acid & EDTA etc. are added in almost all beauty & cosmetic products to improve their shelf life and to protect them from bacterial growth. They result in the formation of free radicals. They cause premature ageing & also cell damage.

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