7 amazing health benefits of eucalyptus oil

7 amazing health benefits of eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is commonly used in the aromatherapy for its exclusive aroma and calming effect on the body. This oil has been used to treat the headaches and colds since ancient times. Al though, there are many more health benefits of eucalyptus oil that most of you are not aware of. Well, these 7 amazing health benefits of eucalyptus oil you surely take you by surprise.

Helps to maintain dental hygiene

Do you know that eucalyptus oil is added to toothpaste and mouthwashes? Well, its refreshing aroma coupled with the antibacterial properties makes it a perfect natural help to treat various oral problems. According to the study published in Journal of Periodontology eucalyptus oil not only kills harmful bacteria but also get rid of the amount of plaque build-up. It presence of cineole, an antiseptic, in this oil prevents the bad breath and also reduces the gum bleeding.

Relieves cough and cold

Eucalyptus oil has been used for centuries as an effectual remedy for colds and various respiratory disorders. It has been used as an addition to steam inhalation to alleviate a cold and as an immediate remedy for the blocked nose. It is due to the antibacterial qualities that clean out even drug-resistant bacterium from respiratory tract. Moreover, the vapours of eucalyptus oil act as a powerful decongestant which when inhaled help in relieving symptoms of bronchitis and a congested nose.

Acts as a powerful natural antiseptic

Eucalyptus oil contains active ingredients like citronellol, citronellal and 1, 8-cineole, which make it a very powerful anti-bacterial agent. Commonly used to treat the skin infections and added to some surgical plasters, eucalyptus oil has been used widely to both inhibit infections and get rid of inflammation.

Treats various skin infections

Known to have the strong antibacterial qualities, eucalyptus oil is very useful in treating skin infections. It is mainly due to presence of a compound known as cineole that can treat almost all the kinds of bacterial infections. Additionally, in a paper published by University of Maryland Medical Center eucalyptus oil was found to be used in various cultures to treat the wounds and even fevers.

Acts as an insect repellent

The strong aroma of eucalyptus oil makes it the perfect insect repellent. You can either apply it directly on the skin (mix it with some cream) or use it in the vaporizer to keep insects like mosquitoes and flies at bay. This in turn will protect you from the various health complications caused by insects.

Combats pain

The oil has a very cooling effect when applied to the skin, making it a very powerful analgesic. Apart from that, the components of eucalyptus oil have a very relaxing effect on nervous system and muscles. It also increases the blood flow to the affected area thereby efficiently reducing inflammation. So, the next time you have a headache, migraine or joint pain try applying some eucalyptus oil to area for some immediate relief.

7 amazing health benefits of eucalyptus oilStimulates the immune system

According to the study published in BMC Immunology eucalyptus oil has very wonderful immune strengthening properties. When administered, this oil strengthened response of macrophages, the cells that kill infections. Moreover, it also helps to immune cells within the body to produce their own inborn protective mechanism.

Apart from all the above benefits, eucalyptus oil has also been studied for its inhibitory effect on the series of diabetes. However these studies are not many and have not been tried on the human model, there is a future possibility that one day it may become a remedy for diabetes.

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