6 Incredible Celery Substitutes

6 Incredible Celery Substitutes

One can indeed try out several crunchy celery substitutes for one’s tasty dish and go on cooking. One need not worry if one runs out the celery.


Celery is also indeed found in nearly every cuisine across the world. It is crisp freshness and distinctive sharp flavor are indeed key ingredients in a lot of common foods, even if one does not realize it. Celery is rather ubiquitous around the world, along with onion and carrot, thus making it one of three ‘holy trinity’ vegetables that do make up mirepoix, the base ingredients of French cooking. Celery is eaten raw, pickled, sautéed, stewed, baked as well as pureed. It is primarily composed of water, but also does provide fiber in one’s diet, and can also improve the texture of several dishes.

6 Incredible Celery Substitutes

Bok choy is the best celery substitute one can add to one’s dish. One can also try celery root, fennel, parsnips, jicama, and green apple while preparing soups, stews, and salads.

Celery Root

The texture is indeed a major part of the enjoyment of eating, so if celery’s texture does bother one; one can try celery root instead. It is actually the root of celery’s cousin, ‘celeriac’ and is also available in the produce section of most grocery stores. It has the flavor of celery, but a texture that is more similar to turnips. It is great on its own when sautéed with butter; one can mash it for a unique side dish, or even make use of it in soups or broth.


The stalks of fennel are a close celery substitute. Fennel does have an aroma of anise, which does mellow when cooked. Fennel seeds benefits does go great with fish as well as spring vegetables if one adds just a spritz of fresh lemon juice.

6 Incredible Celery SubstitutesParsnip

These root vegetables do look like white carrots and also taste like parsley. One can use them in stuffing, soup, or even salads for a great crunch and a sharp, but earthy flavor.


Jicama’s texture is indeed very crisp such as a green apple, but the flavor is fresh, not sweet, and it is also very juicy, so it can be a great alternative if one does want to use celery. Jicama is best when eaten raw, so one can use it to replace celery in slaw, spring rolls, or in crudité. It does work like cucumber in most meals, which is another see

Green Apple

For a bright and tart flavor, try green apples in place of celery. They can also be enjoyed raw, cooked, or juiced in place of celery where a little sweetness is rather desired.

Bok Choy

Bok Choy is the perfect stir-fry ingredient one can try in place of celery. Chop the white base just as one would do with celery and then flash cook to keep the great crunch.

It is worth trying celery substitutes and prepares a sumptuous meal for one’s guests. Try it out and see for one.

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