6 Health Food Trends To Watch In 2018

6 Health Food Trends To Watch In 2018

The coming year will be interesting for foodies who need to watch the food trends of 2018.

Hemp foods

Hemp foods are indeed making their inroads into the market arena of cakes, bakes, and bread as well as smoothies, beers cum brews. Going by given sources, the hemp plant is also considered to be the second highest source of vegetable protein in the world, while hemp seeds, on the other hand, do contain all 21 essential amino acids plus the optimum Omega3 profile.

Functional mushrooms

Mushies are popular for their high protein as well as the nutrient base but now, on the whole, a new world of fungi is set to make the required waves in the health food realms. Adaptogenic mushrooms have already seeped into the mainstream in the US, in such varieties such as reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. Now, one is looking ahead to consume chocolates, coffees, broths, and teas locally, too. Also available in herbs and plants, adaptogenic are also believed to boost up the immune system and antioxidant levels.

6 Health Food Trends To Watch In 2018Faux Meats

The vegan boom is gaining much ground and some people who are health and sodium conscious are favoring bacon faux meats which are becoming more commonplace. Sydney recently went in for its first vegan dish faux bacon is more readily available, meaning one thing: plant-based food options are also set to become even meatier in 2018.

More superfood powders

Turmeric lattes are new but 2018 looks are also set to usher in other turmeric-based drinks as well as foods, along with maca root, cacao, spirulina. Superfood powders are very nutritious and people are indeed very diet conscious these days.

This sunshine-yellow spice will continue to be popular in usage in Indian cuisine. It has several beneficial benefits which help fight cancer as well as Alzheimer in order to reduce the signs of aging. It is considered to be the strong antioxidant and controls cellular damage, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and several degenerative diseases and is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Root-to-stem cooking

Whole vegetable cooking is becoming very popular these days. Root to stem form cooking is gaining ground in the kitchen. It is indeed a fine style of cooking. Much flavor and nutrients are added to it. For instance, throwing away broccoli stalks, one is losing out on 2.98 grams of protein as well as 48 milligrams of calcium.

Edible flowers

Rose, as well as elderflower both, have become boosting bakes and beverages for quite some time. At the same time, edible flowers have much aesthetic appeal. This concept of consuming therapeutic flowers and plants will continue. Flowers such as nasturtiums do contain many natural antibiotic properties and red clover blooms which are great as blood purifiers. More flowers to be had in the coming New Year.

The year 2018 will indeed be remarkable when it comes to food items and it is advisable to keep a track of the new food trends that will emerge. Foodies will simply love keeping an eye on what is new cooking in the field of cuisine.

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