5 Yoga Poses for Those Sculpted Abs!

5 Yoga Poses for Those Sculpted Abs!

Yoga for abs beginners can be considered by those who would like to improve their body shape. Similarly, Yoga for abs and back can build the body well and also tone it up.

The word yoga which has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” means to unify and bring about integration internally. Yoga happens to be an all-rounded unification of one’s mind and body. It can be carried out as an exercise form to sculpt and tone up the body’s muscles safely. Yoga happens to be the spiritual path to moksha (ultimate liberation) and samadhi (highest meditative consciousness). It is indeed better than other forms of exercise because of its restorative abilities.

Yoga exercises and postures are known as asanas.

Simply put, yoga is a practice towards the attainment of internal oneness to feel whole and complete. A practice as old as time in our country, yoga is of knowledge. Yoga for abs beginners is worth looking into.

Yoga asanas for toned and sculpted abs

1. Marichyasana

This asana does help strengthen the shoulder, back, and abdomen. It is a sitting posture that involves twisting of the upper body and has 4 variations. This does help in toning as well as strengthening the abdomen muscles, a strong core for the body, elongating one’s spine, and aiding in flexibility.

Avoidance of this asana is suggested in case a person is suffering if you suffer from an abdominal anomaly such as a hernia or a back injury.

2. Utthita Parsvakonasana 

This asana does open up the body. It works on the Transverse Abdominis muscles which are on one’s side of the body. It does involve a side stretch of the body while in a balanced squatting position.

Utthita does mean extended, Parsva means side, Kona means angle, and Asana means posture.

This yoga posture needs to be avoided in case the person is suffering from a shoulder or a knee injury.

3. Parsvakonasana 

Parva means side plank, Kona means angle, and Asana refers to posture. This asana does help strengthen the spine, hamstrings, and abdomen muscles. It is a side-extending exercise whereby the knees need to be bent while maintaining balance and outstretching your arms.

This yoga asana needs to be avoided in case a person is suffering from low blood pressure, back ailments, knee injuries.

4. Supta Baddha Konasana

This is also referred to as the Reclining Butterfly Pose. Supta means lying down, Baddha means bound, Kona means angle, and Asana means posture. This asana is performed while sitting down with one’s legs bent sideways and flat on the ground. It is beneficial for opening up the hips and working on the lower abdominal muscles.

 This posture needs to be avoided in case of a knee injury or a back injury.

5 Yoga Poses for Those Sculpted Abs!

5. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana 

This asana does help improve abdominal organs as well as muscles. A person has to extend a leg backward, completely straight below the body, and flat on the mat while folding the other leg in the way that the heel is just in front of one’s pubic bone. Keep the back straight and then upright and hold for a few seconds before repeating it on the other side.

Yoga thus is a practice that promotes mental, spiritual, social, as well as physical well-being. The breathing and posture exercises do help in strengthening, flexibility as well as toning muscles. There are several exercises to help the body with specific needs.

Yoga for developing abs does help stimulate the underlying abdominal organs and also aids in smooth digestion of food, thus reducing any sort of buildup of fluid or gas. While other workouts do focus mainly on specific body parts, any form of yoga does have multiple benefits. The effects on these muscles are long-term and also lasting. Some workouts tend to mainly add bulk to one’s muscle or tone, but yoga does allow for muscles to stretch, strengthen, develop, as well as tone up the body.

Yoga for abs and back is beneficial for overall health.

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