5 tips to have healthy diet for your heart

5 tips to have healthy diet for your heart

Healthy Eating Shortcuts Cardiac disease patients have something in common, they did not love veggies & fruits and they consume so much saturated fats. If you want to avoid any heart illness, you can start eating healthier. You can do it even from your own home and make some good progress with the health. So follow these 5 tips to have healthy diet for your heart

Less meat or avoid having meat

You have to repeat that phrase over & over again. If you want to have the healthier heart, cut your intake of meat. Saturated fats and animal products naturally go side by side.

5 tips to have healthy diet for your heartRead labels

Heart patients must make it the habit to read labels before they consume anything. Check the grams of fat and if you see 2g of saturated fat, it should be automatic for you to put that product back to shelf. This should also be case for products with 1g of trans fat for every 100 calories. You will find out that the lot of potato chips, cookies, & bake goodies would not pass this standard.

Go green

Being eco-friendly is great but we are referring to loving plant foods that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fibers, and minerals. These nutrients can help to lower the blood pressure, decrease the cholesterol, and protect the blood vessels from damage.

Watch you weight

A recent study found out that men who are overweight are 72 perecnt more prone to heart disease than their lean counterparts in 3 year period. Heart attack risk for obese individuals is even higher. Those with a BMI of at least 33 & over has a 244 perecnt greater risk of having cardiac problems compared to their slimmer individuals.

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