5 Possible Causes of Pigmentation Problems

5 Possible Causes of Pigmentation Problems

Skin care is very important as one would like a clear and healthy skin. Any problems with one’s skin can prove to be distressing. How do these problems occur? In other words, one would like to know the causes of pigmentation problems which do worry a person a lot.

1 Genetic factors

Some are indeed born with freckles. The melanin clusters are rather clumped together and do spread out affecting the skin tone. One’s skin is rather sensitive to UV light and is also prone to sunburn or at times even skin cancer. It is, therefore, necessary to protect the skin from sun rays.

Some are born with mole prone skin and these do affect the skin tone or rather cause skin pigmentation. Often one does notice that hair grows from them. A large size mole on one’s face may not be appreciated. One needs to watch them in case they happen to change color, size or even outline. Most of them are benign. One needs to consult a dermatologist.

2. Sun exposure

Too much exposure to the sun causes freckles; these do fade in winter. The body reacts in this manner to protect the skin from UV rays. Freckles can become rather permanent in nature. It is but obvious the skin must be overexposed to the sun rays. Delicate skin can react in this manner no doubt.

5 Possible Causes of Pigmentation Problems3. Hormonal issues

Melasma is a hormone induced excessive pigmentation. It is caused by hormonal fluctuations. It is quite common when one takes birth control hormones such as pills. It can occur during pregnancy. It is common after menopause.

4. Information information

Post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) can indeed occur in case one’s skin gets chronically inflamed. It is rather common in the case of those suffering from eczema, Addison’s disease as well as acne.

Cancer drugs can also cause hyperpigmentation

Physical injuries also cause pigmentation and these are for example scratches, burns, pimples.

5. Hypo-pigmentation

Lack of melanin production leads to white patches referred to a vitiligo or leukoderma. These patches can affect the skin look in a negative way.

Skin care is very essential and one needs to consult a dermatologist in case one is facing serious skin problems Hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation can cause much concern and needs to be treated properly. Follow this article to know about 7 skincare tips for winter

Women are very conscious of their looks and skin care is part of their overall beauty care. Much time and money are spent on ensuring that one’s skin remains healthy and beautiful with a radiant look.

Dark patches can affect one’s look and also white patches can worry a person. Whatever said and done pigmentation is of much concern and proper care is required to ensure that it does not deteriorate further.

Skin care is not all that easy as one need to nourish it well and make use of products that would enhance its beauty. One must ensure that the quality of the product being used for skin care is not compromised.

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