5 Foods To Treat Acidity And Stomach Pain

5 Foods To Treat Acidity And Stomach Pain

Heart burn is a condition which most people suffer from. It occurs when the excess acid in the stomach moves up towards the food pipe (esophagus) and even reaches the mouth. This condition is called as acid reflux. The acid in the food pipe causes burning pain in the chest referred as heart burn.

You can cure your acidity and heart burn using simple home remedies. Have a look at these 5 Foods To Treat Acidity And Stomach Pain or some foods that ease acidity and heart burn naturally.

Almond Milk

To reduce acidity, stomach pain and acid reflux naturally have almond milk in morning. It acts as an alkaliser and neutralises the acidity of your stomach. Almond milk gives relief from acidity and heart burn.


It will coat and protect your stomach lining from acid. Oatmeal also suppresses excess acid formation that can cause acid reflux. Have oat meal in your breakfast to ease acidity and heart burn. Oatmeal has many other health benefits apart from treating acidity.

5 Foods To Treat Acidity And Stomach PainGreen Leafy Vegetables

They are one of the best remedy to ease the pain of acidity in the stomach. They will also promote gastric emptying (food comes from the stomach into the intestines) which cures all pain and irritation in the stomach.


It is one of the best fruits that stop acidity in stomach and eases heart burn. It also helps those who have stomach ulceration. It will boost you with energy also. Having banana daily will give much relief from heart burn. This is one of the best natural ways to treat heartburn.


For immediate relief from heart burn you can have fennel tea. To make the tea put two teaspoons of fennel seeds and one tablespoon of honey in boiling water. Let it cool and then drink it. You can also chew some fennel seeds to decrease the volume of stomach acid.

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