5 amazing health benefits of Tofu


5 amazing health benefits of Tofu

Most of us have this misunderstanding that only incline meat can provide proteins to our body. What we fail to count in is wonder food called tofu. It is one of the most nutritious food items which has sufficient amounts of proteins minus the fat content that comes from eating meat.

Made from the curdled soybean milk, tofu is pale white in color and look like little blocks of paneer. It contains isoflavones that reduce the bad cholesterol levels in our body thus preventing the cardiovascular diseases. Tofu is also an excellent source of iron which helps in the making of haemoglobin. It is certainly a perfect food due to its composition. It has high amounts of proteins, zero cholesterols, and low amounts of carbohydrates. It also has high amounts of calcium and vitamin E. Here is a 5 amazing health benefits of Tofu and list of problems tofu will keep at bay when consumed on a regular basis.

Heart disease

Tofu has been known to lower risk of heart disease. It can reduce the levels of low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in the body which in turn can enhance your cardiovascular health.


5 amazing health benefits of Tofuofu being the good source of selenium, is a mineral needed by the body for proper functioning of the antioxidant system that protects our system from colon cancer. Men can get rid of the risk of prostate cancer by eating tofu. Women who consume good amounts of tofu are 60% less likely to have ‘high risk’ breast tissues than women who eat less amounts or do not eat tofu.


Tofu has the high dose of calcium content which is required by women when they hit menopause. It helps to reduce the hot flashes, prevent high bone-loss risk related to menopause. It is also effective in preventing the rheumatoid arthritis. It is also helpful during pre-menopausal stage when there is an imbalance in an oestrogen levels.


Another benefit of eating tofu regularly is that it slows down an ageing process considerably. Tofu helps to retain an elasticity of skin and tones the facial muscles which in turn prevents from ageing. Making the paste of tofu and applying it on the face is also a good idea as it nourishes the skin.

Hair loss

The human hair is primarily made of a protein called keratin. By eating tofu, your hair gets required protein to produce hair more and keep an existing ones healthy. Instead of splurging on expensive treatments, add tofu to your daily diet to solve hair loss issues.

Tofu is one of the best sources of protein for vegans those people who do not eat meat or milk products and vegetarians, so stock up lots of it and reap in its benefits.

Cooking tofu can be a challenge. Here are a few tips.

Make sure that press the water out of tofu block before you start cooking. Keep the block between paper towels and place a bowl on top of it. This will drain out the water from it.

Tofu crumbles easily so add it to your dish in the end and saute it for less time. Cut it into little chunks before adding it to your dish.

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