4 Things That Upset Women

Things that upset women

4 Things That Upset Women

If you are in a relationship, sometimes you go clueless about why women get upset. There are many reasons for that.

If you are not sensitive to her requirements, she would surely get upset with you. Women expect their men to know about their reqirements and wants.

Forget her birthday or any significant event in her life and face the music. This is one of the things that upsets women a lot. In fact, they would feel ignored when you forget such important days.

Another example: praise another woman’s beauty in front of the girlfriend & see her reaction. Or praise a dish cooked by someone else & see how upset she becomes in a split second. If you do not know how to handle an upset woman, you would surely lose peace for sometime.

Now, you must have understood the basics of how women get upset. Now, let us talk about other such examples.

Messing Up The Home

Men normally care little about cleaning up their surroundings & keeping them hygienic. This is why women get upset. Many couple fight over this because women cannot stand untidy surroundings and men feel lazy to get up & wash up.

If You do not Listen

Are you a good listener? Well, if you are not, then your girlfriend would secretly hate you. A recent survey claims that 76 percent of the women expect that their men must listen to them particularly when they are in a deep conversation. Men who do not listen to women when they speak their hearts out, may fail in relationships.

 Things that upset womenLaid-Back Attitude

Some men are relaxed & say that they would like to take life as it comes. This might sound cool but women get bored of such guys. Women observe men as powerful people who take action and keep things moving. If men show their lazy side, women get upset and bored.


This is one of the things women hate about men. If you have the habit of arrogant about your girlfriends or gadgets, make sure that you do that only in front of your men friends. Women would hate you if you do that.

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