4 Dangerous Beauty Trends

Dangerous Beauty Trends

Looking beautiful is very important for a woman and conscious efforts are made to improve one’s looks. It is better to seek professional advice rather than self-methods.

People tend to squeeze their organs together and try to decrease the available internal space. It is advisable to eat a healthy diet, visit the gym in order to be in shape. Every woman desires to be beautiful and makes use of short cut methods to be so. Rather than consulting a professional prefers to seek her own methods of looking slim and trim and attractive. It is not advisable s these short-cut methods can affect one’s health. Beauty Trends do matter no doubt but yet one should not follow them blindly.4 Dangerous Beauty Trends

1. Attempting to remove a mole at home

If one is suffering from moles, it is better to consult a board-certified dermatologist, and not pluck them on one’s own. Many people with red sores all over their bodies tend to use eggplant extract or some other herbal online remedy in order to remove their own moles. This is one of the beauty trends people try to adopt which is not good that is to remove a mole by themselves.
Many use Botox and get themselves injected. One should now what one is injecting.

2. Using deodorant as a makeup primer

A deodorant is meant to absorb sweat under one’s armpits throughout the day, but it should not be used on one’s face. People have started to make use of deodorant as a face primer. Not a smart idea, according to experts. Putting deodorant on one’s face is likely to lead to clogged pores, which could indeed result in blackheads as well as acne. Beauty trends do focus on deodorant usage. But they must be used appropriately.

3. Self-tanning streaks with a magic eraser

Some beauty conscious people make use of Magic Eraser, a cleaning sponge meant to remove stains around the house, as a quick-fix solution for self-tanner streaks. This is not advisable. The sponges are abrasive and contain chemicals that should not be placed on the skin, let alone scrubbed into it. It can cause rashes, itching, and skin breakdown and, in rare circumstances, a systemic and life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis.

4. Using waist trainers to achieve a slim midsection

The trend involves wearing a corset-like bodice for several hours of the day for extended periods of time in order to have an ideal hourglass shape. The idea is to go in for a figure-slimming fix, which is damaging to one’s health. The garment is tight on one’s body and affects the internal organs. It squeezes the organs together. For a flattering figure, it is better to visit the gym and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Looking good is oaky but one must not indulge in gimmicks to look good. It is advisable to seek expert opinion and then take the required steps to beautify one. Otherwise, self-made efforts can prove to be a disaster to not only one’s looks but also affect one’s health negatively.

Self solutions need to be avoided in matters of beauty. Many people try easy methods and damage their skin and their looks and end up with the physician or are forced to consult an expert to rectify matters.

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