4 Ballistic stretching exercises to improve body flexibility

4 Ballistic stretching exercises to improve body flexibility

People do various kinds of exercises to remain fit and healthy. Stretching exercises are commonly done for increasing flexibility. But when people look for something more rigorous, they can choose ballistic stretching exercises. These exercises are mainly done by seasoned athletes and sportspersons for increasing and improving their flexibility. Know more 4 Ballistic stretching exercises to improve body flexibility

What are ballistic stretching exercises?

In ballistic stretching exercises people need to do bouncing and rapid movements in repetitive manner. The joints and muscles in the body need to be stretched beyond regular range of motion. This increases the flexibility of the body considerably. Since these exercises are quite rigorous in nature, it is not recommended for beginners of stretching and it might lead to muscle and joint injuries. Ballistic stretching exercises are highly demanding on the muscles and joints in the body. The range of motion for athletes and sportspersons increases greatly with these exercises. Only after becoming a pro in static stretching exercises, one should try ballistic stretching exercises.

Some most popular ballistic stretching exercises

There are different kinds of ballistic stretching exercises, which people can practice. Some of them include:

• Side arm swing –

This is a type of ballistic stretching exercise which is not that difficult to try. You will have to stand with both the legs slightly bent. The placement of the feet should be such that they should be hip-width apart. The back should be straight. Start swinging both the arms on the sides. Once done, start swinging them in the front by making crosses. This exercise strengthens the arm muscles.

4 Ballistic stretching exercises to improve body flexibility• Standing lunge –

The standing lunge is a common exercise, which is included in other stretching exercises as well. The quadriceps and glutes in the body are benefited greatly with this particular ballistic stretching exercise. For doing the exercise, you have to keep a foot forward and the arms should be left hanging freely on the two sides. The hands can also be kept totally straightened out above the shoulders. You will need to bend the foot forward and rapidly plummet in the forward direction. The other foot will be bent behind. During the exercise ensure that the body weight should come on the heel of the foot, which is bent forward. After completing the exercise with one foot, get back to the initial position. Now repeat the same process with the other leg.

• Leg swings –

This is an extremely popular ballistic stretching exercise, which can be done by amateurs as well as by professionals. For this exercise, you need to stand sideways in a manner that you are at arm’s length from the wall. Now, shift the body weight to the left leg. For maintaining right balance, keep the right palm on the wall. Swing the right leg backward and forward for several rounds. Once done, practice the same with the other leg also.

• Ballistic exercise for chest muscle flexibility –

Ballistic stretching exercises can help in improving and increasing chest muscle flexibility. Stand in an upright position and extend both the arms to the two sides. Now straighten them as much as possible. The palms of the hand should face the roof. On the other hand, the elbows should be slightly flexed. Flex the shoulders in a manner so that the arms can be moved behind repeatedly. Do the steps quickly for better results.

Since ballistic stretching exercises require quick, repetitive and bouncy steps, there are chances of injuries taking place from the same. Therefore, it is always recommended to practice such exercises under supervision of a trainer so that chances of injuries can be minimized. Warming up before starting these exercises is also important.

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